Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tap, tap, this thing still on?

So, I have not had any blogging motivation around here...or there...or anywhere lately!
Matthew and I had a fabulous vacay in San Antonio! It was so nice just to be with him. People kept asking, "What was your favorite part?". I guess they were expecting a particular landmark or eatery. But, those weren't my favorites.

My favorite thing was being with Matthew as a married adult and not a mommy or a daddy. We rarely talked about the girls, although we missed them terribly, we had GROWN-UP conversations. It was lovely.

We are leaving for another trip in 3 weeks. Again, just the two of us. We are headed on a cruise to the Bahamas! (If you follow me, this is where the passports come into play.)

I have been on several cruises but this will be a first for Matthew.

I'm really looking forward to it but already sad about leaving our girls.
Nora really makes me laugh a lot during the day with the things she says and does. (She also makes me want to pull my fingernails out of my hand with her behavior...anyways).

We have a lot of family and friends who have babies. Just about all of those friends/family nurse their babies.

I nursed both of my girls. When Elyn was born, Nora was 19-months-old and really had no clue about ANYTHING that was going on. So, she really didn't ask many nursing questions. (However, she did pick up on how mommies feed babies.)

Now that she is 3.5, she is definitely more aware and observant.
Can you tell what she is doing in the picture?

She is feeding her baby.

All of those nursing moms that we are around use this garmet in public. When they throw it around their neck (or a position a blanket over them) Nora usually asks, "What are you doing?". And they respond, "Feeding the baby.".

When she feeds her babies now, she puts her apron over her head, puts her baby underneath, and feeds it A BOTTLE.

I guess she thinks those moms have a bottle underneath the covering...ha ha ha ha ha!


Holly Aytes said...

I love it when I get to get away with just Matt though I do miss the kids. Glad y'all had a good time and I know you are excited for that cruise...we are planning to go on one for our 15 yr anniversary in 3 yrs. Maybe before then if it works out but definitely then! Caleb tried nursing his babies when Madison was born....guess he didn't get the memo about nursing being a mommy privilege not a daddy one.

Whitney said...

Too cute! Glad yall had such a wonderful time in San Antonio! And 3 weeks later a cruise- you go girl! I know what you mean about missing the little ones, we leave in 2 weeks for Cabo. And while I can't wait to go, I miss Austin just thinking about it!

Whitney said...

Oh, one more thing- about the passports. So when we went to get our pics taken, i asked the guy if there was anything special i had to do- he said "no, they aren't picky. just as long as it's in front of a white background." no restrictions on closed/open mouth smiles, etc. So evidently the passport requirements are different for those in Arkansas....LUCKY YOU :)

Kim said...

So cute! I think it is fantastic that you and Matthew are getting to have you and Matthew time.
Glad the trip was great-have fun on the cruise!! Of course, we all want pics.

Laura said...

I am so glad you and Matthew had a wonderful time in San Antonio!!

The picture of Nora is s funny!

I have been contemplating trying to talk Richard into a cruise one day. I've never been on one and have heard that either you love them or hate them.

mom said...

I just returned to Nora's first "feeding my baby" photo. It is hard to remember her as SO LITTLE! Both pictures are so precious. She has certainly grown up in the last 21.5 months.

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