Thursday, July 02, 2009

What a day...whew!

Days like today make me question my ability to parent.

I heard these words more than any other words today:
"Scream, Cry, Wail" (okay, not actually words, but you get the point)

Apparently, in my 3.5 years of parenting, I have neglected to teach either one of my children the concept of SHARING.

Because they don't know how to do it...especially not with each other.

A few times today I was ready to give them away.

But, then, I go in their rooms and see this:

What little angels.
I might just reconsider giving them away.


Julie said...

when they are sleeping it's easy to remember why you love them:) i have heard "no" more times than i can stand. today i was told, "mommy, you are bossy and discusting" he wasn't even mad. i actually don't think he was even trying to be mean. strange kid.

Traci said...

They are sweet when they sleep, aren't they?

We are having bad sharing problems as well. Sometimes the summers make me want to pull my hair out!!

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