Monday, August 24, 2009

built in best friends

Have I mentioned lately how much I love having two girls? Love it.

Do I love it when they scream at each other? Not really. Do I love it when they can't share. No. Do I love it when they hit/bite/pull hair/push? Absolutely not.

Am I looking forward to several years of back to back hormones, followed by a few rounds of eye rolling, and topped off with some comments like "you don't understand" and "everyone else gets to". I'm already praying for those moments to pass as quickly as possible.

I love having two girls because that means they have a sister.

Is there anything better? Since I have no experience with boys/brothers (which I'm sure are fabulous too), I will focus on what I know...girls/sisters.

I have a sister. She's my first friend. My first memory is of her being born. (Not the actual delivery...I would be in therapy for that, I'm sure...the visiting her part.) I also have many, many other memories of her:

  • FIGHTING like cats. Once we even threw potatoes at each other...lock up those potatoes people, they are dangerous weapons.
  • riding bikes and playing outside
  • sleeping in the same bed at my grandmother's house...and her ending up sleeping on the floor because she thought my toenails were too long
  • hearing her talk in her sleep and carry on a conversation with her
  • her waking me up the morning of my senior prom, kidnapping me for a breakfast
  • her calling Nov. of '00

and so many more.

Here's the thing about matter how frustrated you get with them, no matter how upset, no matter long you go without talking to're connected for life.

I talk to my sister just about every day. Long or short conversations, doesn't matter.

We are as different as night and day, as apples and oranges. But that doesn't matter...we're sisters. We're built in friends.

When I found out that we were having a second girl, I was a little disappointed. Not because that I wasn't OVERJOYED that Elyn was on her way. I just thought...we have one girl, a boy would be nice, even things out.

But the second that her and Nora started interacting with each other, I knew that two girls is what I had always wanted. Sisters...nothing better!

I love when they laugh so hard at each other that they can't breathe. I love when they both play dress up. I love when they hold hands in the back seat. I love when Matthew and I have to leave them, they have each other. I love they are concerned with one another. I love that they are built in friends.

I hope they are always friends too. I hope they want to call one another first when something exciting happens. I hope they feel each other's hurts and always show sympathy. I hope they choose to live in the same part of the U.S. because they will see each other more often. I hope one of them names their daughter Dallas.

I realize that I will not have all of these "hopes" happen.

I do know they will call each other in say, 20 years, and this is how the phone conversation will go..."Oh my goodness Nora, have you talked to mom and dad lately?" "Yea, talked to mom yesterday...why?" "Did she tell you that they are going TENT CAMPING to Yellowstone? What do they think, they're 30? They're probably both going to need oxygen tanks and we should probably make sure their will is updated...they are losing their minds!" "I KNOW. Did you know that dad is playing church league softball again? I'm sure we'll be called to the ER any day now because he is having a hip replaced."

They will have this convo because they are FLESH AND BLOOD sisters. And, unless God grants us another child one day, they will be the only two that can say unkind things about us. (Because they will fight to the death to defend our honor if someone else tries to say that we are not capable of tent camping or playing softball...which we WILL be able to do.)

I am so thankful that God blessed us with two girls. I pray that they always know how very special their relationship is and how blessed they are to have one another. Because it is a relationship that is like none other.

And if we're lucky, they will take very, very, very good care of us when we are old.


Jenn said...

I'm with you, Dallas! I love having a sister...granted, when we were little we had our ups and downs. But when there is something that needs to be told...I call her first! I love it, too that I had the girls first!
Whenever they fight I always say, friends will come and go, but you have your sister forever! So quit fighting!!! he he he. I love it and I totally agree. Sisters are the BEST!!

Julie Walker said...

I love this post! Everything you said is so true! I will say that the brother relationship is pretty great too. I am getting to enjoy watching that and it is similar. Just alot more noise, smells, and physical torture I'm sure.

mom said...

you threw potatoes at each other? where was I? Oh yes, I'm sure I was at work . . . and we probably had mashed potatoes for dinner.

P. S. And Marty was so lucky to have you Nov of '00. She couldn't have done it without you!

TeamBortzfield said...

Great words Dallas. Just bummed that my sister Julie Walker didn't go on and on about what a great sister I am. What she forgot to point out among countless other things is what an amazing Aunt your own sister makes. Amen Marty?

Kim said...

Indeed! This was so funny and cute. I never had a sister or cared to. Until I had 2 girls. Then I realized I was missing out! Thankfully, I'm about to get one when my brother marries his honey! Can't wait.
Oh-and totally want to sit on your couch! Looks sooo comfy :)

Ashley said...

Love it, Dallas. It makes me feel so sorry for Lucy! My sis and I are very close, also. The Nov '00 story was a memory jog. My favorite part of that story was Ace Ventura watching your kindergartners. Lol

David Parks said...

Great post Dallas. I have two girls also and I am so glad they have each other. I don't have a sister, so it is interesting dealing with the dynamics of two girls that are two years apart. I hope and pray they stay close and call each other often!

David Parks said...

I forgot to sign my name!
Amy Parks

Marty Rhea Hill said...

Great post. The "Nov. 00" made my heart hurt a little. I truly am thankful for that time.

And, the potatos made me laugh.

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