Thursday, August 13, 2009

The end of my summer reads...

I have enjoyed my summer of much! And I have written this post, once already. Blogger hates me and would not let me publish, so here it is again...less satisfying, but it's hard for me to leave things undone. And in my mind, this post was "undone".

Okay, first book...This book came recommended by Kristen O. She recommended another book that I loved, so I figured she must have good taste. And she does. Although this book has a crazy title the content is delightful! I really (REALLY) enjoy historical fiction. This book takes place shortly after the end of World War 2, in London and the small island of Guernsey. The characters are endearing and very likable. I want to go to the island on my next trip. The author describes it with such detail and charm that I think you would want to visit it too. Maybe we can all take our breathtaking passport photos and go together. Thank you Kristen for another fabulous read!

So wonderful. I heard rave reviews about this book back when it made its debut. The title and the adorable white dress on the front of the cover made me want to read it (hey, being honest). This is a book about a set of twins that were born, in the 60's. One boy...perfectly healthy, and one girl...with downs syndrome. Their father, a doctor, knew about all the health problems that could follow his daughter and instructed his nurse to drive her to a home-thinking he would save his wife years of heartache by sparing her all the medical issues that would surround them. The nurse decides to keep the little girl and so begins the journey these two families family full of sorrow and one full of hope. If you haven't read it!

I finished this book last week on our trip...and then wanted to come home and cook French food. This book (which has been recently made into a movie...maybe you have heard of it) REALLY, REALLY makes me want to cook duck and lamb and crepes. There are several reasons why I could never cook through "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" in a year, like Julie Powell did: our budget would never allow that; my children would have to live somewhere else because I would be very negligent; calf brains kind of scare me. This week, while cooking my meager dinners, I imagine that I am Julie (or Julia) and trying new techniques or wielding my knife in a strictly professional way. I admire Julie and her dedication to her project (although I do not admire her sailor mouth). Several times while reading it I thought, "Wow, she's semi-famous now because she had an almost nervous breakdown...I could do that." or "Wow, she started a little blog and now she is making big bucks...I could do that." (By the way...Matthew is strongly encouraging me to brainstorm potential ways to make this blog famous and make us big bucks). I'm excited to see the movie...and hope to get "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" for Christmas (along with a budget to cook the recipes).

Okay, so of the four books that I am highlighting here, this one was my least favorite. DEFINITELY my least favorite. Remember how I mentioned that I like historical fiction? Well, this one is. I really thought I would enjoy it. And I really TRIED to enjoy it. I even finished it. But, I just never got involved and developed a love for the characters. It is interesting and I learned some things, but it's just not a strong recommendation from me. Maybe you'll like it. Read other people reviewing it here.

I also read: The Joy Luck Club; Take Two (Above the Line Series); American Wife-actually still reading, and LOVING; and various other fluff books.

I have really enjoyed my summer of reading and hope to inspire others in my house to do so. Let me know what you read this summer...I'm always looking for new ones!


Holly Aytes said...

I will be adding some of those to my reading list. I love to read and am always looking for good suggestions.

Kristen OQ said...

Glad you liked the book! It reminded me of a really good Hallmark Hall of Fame movie. I thought Memory Keeper's Daughter was good too but so SAD!

You have to read The Help...seriously go out and buy it this weekend (it is a Target discounted hardback right now). I never buy hardbacks and usually wait...but this one is really good and I think you would LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I am in the middle of reading something...jury is still out on it, but if it ends up being good, I will let you know that one too!

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

Thanks for reminding me of The Memory Keeper's Daughter! I had that written down to read then forgot all about it. I am about to start The Time Traveler's Wife... I am all about reading the book first before I see these movies coming out! (I guess I need to add Julie & Julia to the list too...).

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