Thursday, August 20, 2009

the relaxing part...

Back to our vacation...(where we didn't take many pictures)

once we finally got on the ship, we had an extremely fabulous time.

On our first day, we boarded the ship, dropped our bags, put our swimsuits on and hailed a cab to the beach.
The water was so clear. It was amazing! Like standing in a swimming pool, we could see all the way to our toes. We spent a little over 2 hours laying out and swimming before we headed back to the ship.

On the way back Matthew found a coconut to drink out of... So tropical.

The next day, we stopped in Nassau. The day was PERFECT!
We chose to spend the day in Atlantis. If you have never been then you should start planning a vacation there! It is FABULOUS! So wonderful, that when we got home, we looked to see how much it would cost to take a vacation there.
This is a view from one of the bridges we were walking on...a shallow pool full of baby sharks and stingrays.
The bottom of the hotel is a huge aquarium...HUGE! There were people in these aquariums scuba diving and snorkeling.
Atlantis is a resort/waterpark/beach. The grounds are beautiful, so many flowers and trees.
This is a picture of one of the hotels.
Oh, and if you want to move to Nassau, this house is for sale for a mere 2 million dollars.
Obviously, we spent quite a bit of time on the ship too. Matthew wasn't crazy about getting too close to the rails. This picture is a little bit of a miracle. I'm sure the whole time we were standing there he was afraid the rail was going to break and we were going to fall in.
And, of course, on a cruise, the food is a big part of it. I love a cruise for the fact that I get to try foods that I have never tried. Matthew tried some different foods too. This is one of the appetizers that he had. Foie gras. I could not even try it.
And we loved coming back to our room each night to see what our steward had done with our towels.
Our last full day we spent at Norwegian Cruise Lines private island. Matthew did a lot of snorkeling (I quit after then first time out because the choppy waters were making me queasy) and I did a lot of reading and laying out.
It was a great trip and the journey home was much less eventful.
We hope to go on another cruise one day and maybe even take our girls...if they stay away from the rails.


Holly Aytes said...

That sounds lovely :) We are planning on going on a cruise for our 15th anniversary....I can't wait! Maybe we can go before, maybe. So glad that y'all had a wonderful time. My parents went on a carnival cruise a few yrs ago and they said the food was wonderful! All you can eat, whenever you want to kind of vacation :)

Whitney said...

Looks like a wonderful trip- so glad you guys had such a relaxing vacation!

Jamie Chitty said...

I am so glad that you were able to finally make it there and enjoy your trip. That first part sounded like a nightmare.

Kim said...

Great pics-glad you guys had a wonderful time.

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