Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tiny Dancer

We bought some itty-bitty tap shoes last week...
Nora loved them and insisted on wearing them around the house...all. day. long. (Thankfully, the taps aren't too noisy, but if she continues to wear them 24/7, the "tap fairy" may remove the clickity clackitys.)

But, before she could sashay all over the house, she had to have the perfect outfit.

You might think, oh, a leotard...of course.

Nope, she needed a dress she could TWIRL in and that had black in it...just like the shoes.

She's so happy!

Oh, and Elyn needed new shoes too. I could eat up those little baby legs!!!


Sara said...

So cute! Laura is in tap/ballet and loves it! The recital is the best part of it all.

Where do you get your adorable dresses for your girls? I love them!

Whitney said...

Love the cute dress with her tap shoes! I'm sure that tapping noise is driving you INSANE girl!

Lane said...

How cute is that!! :)

Amy said...


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