Sunday, August 02, 2009

wrapping up summer

I'm sitting on my couch right now...wishing I were asleep. But a little girl keeps coming out of her bedroom needing to tell me something.

I really don't mind though because I have been gone all weekend. I flew to Texas to help my family move my grandmother into a "memory impaired" assisted living home. My cousin, Julie, my sister and I pretty much moved all of my grandmother's furniture, pictures, EVERYTHING, in less than 36 hours. All by ourselves.

And my arms, back and shoulders are feeling it today.

I am a little emotional because I did spend all weekend away from the girls AND Matthew and I leave tomorrow for an "end of summer" vacay.

It should be awesome:
But, I know I will miss the girls.

I know once I board the plane tomorrow I will make myself go into vacation mode and let my worry meter turn down (by not all the way off...come on, I'm a mom, that's impossible.).

Traveling away from them always makes me a little anxious...I'm glad they have each other though.

Happy end of summer to you...see you next week!

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