Saturday, September 12, 2009

because I haven't updated, here are some pictures

Nora started ballet/tap a few weeks ago. She really seems to like it but if you ask her to show you what she has learned, she will refuse to dance. I guess Matthew is going to have to wait until June, at the recital, to see that she has learned anything at all.

She's in a 3-4 class. Half the class is 3 and the tall girls are, obviously, 4. She has had 3 lessons and I have learned that she is the least coordinated and doesn't seem to possess any "natural ballet/tap" skills. But she does love to put her hands on her hips and dance and twirl in her skirt. And really, isn't that it's all about.
Over Labor Day weekend we went to Hattiesburg, MS. It's not a short drive.
We stopped in Little Rock Friday and picked up Matthew's sister, Julia and her baby, Noah. Julia's husband, Brian (aka Elyn's fave person ever) had a conference in FL and missed out on the van ride all the way to Mississippi. I know he's sad he didn't get to cram in the backseat with N and E.
I'm sad I didn't get a picture of our seating arrangement. Basically, after the 20+ hour round trip drive I am THANKFUL that we have a minivan! We rolled into H'burg around 2am. We were all ready to go to bed!
Here they are...cousins. All dark-eyed, and surprisingly, light-haired.
On Saturday, we stayed at the house, swimming, eating, laying around, coloring and shopping (ahem, Matthew and Aaron).
Matthew is trying out his dad's new contraption. It is supposed to stretch your back muscles. I just thought it looked funny.
Saturday night we went to eat at Leatha's. Best bar-b-que ribs EVER! I'm not kidding either. I think it's actually is a 4-star restaurant, although the attire and setting is not 4-star. If you are ever in Hattiesburg, this is a MUST place to eat. We go just about every time we are there.
Elyn had fun eating crackers and dipping them in bar-b-que sauce.
Nora was EXHAUSTED! She fell asleep on the car ride over and nearly fell asleep while eating. Not even her sprite had enough sugar in it to keep her awake.
This is my plate after I could not eat another bite. I wish I could go back and eat those beans.
When we got done eating, Noah decided to take a ride on one of the pigs before hopping back in the car.
Sunday we went to church and then ate lunch at the club.
This is where Elyn spent the majority of her weekend...being held by me or BEGGING to be held by me. It was really fun for me.
After church we went back to the house to celebrate Pop's 60th birthday!!!!!!! (When Matthew is 60 I predict he looks JUST like this-minus the cool glasses)
Couldn't you eat her up?
We went outside to take a whack at the pinata LeeLee (Leah) got Pops. Nora was so excited to eat all the candy that was inside.
And although Elyn didn't really know how to hold the club, she was excited about the candy too.
Uncle Aaron is spinning Pops around, getting him ready to knock the pinata.
Wow, what a hit!
When it fell apart, Nora and Elyn were very was full of 60 golf balls!!!!!!! LeeLee is so creative! (Side note: I imagined Pops hitting the pinata and it hurling through the air and the golf balls acting as missiles, shooting into the heads of my young. I kind of freaked out every time Jim hit it and was shuffling the girls from side to side to prevent a head injury...I felt a little like Kate Gosslin...not pretty!)
There was no candy, but the pinata came apart and they had fun hats!
Even Aunt Julia got a hat!
So there, you're caught up. That's what we have been doing.
I'm still trying to balance my new school schedule with my regular life. It will happen!


Kim said...

Nora looks absolutely adorable-she makes a perfect ballerina!
And, Matthew looks JUST LIKE his dad! I thought it was Matthew dressed up at first!

Holly Aytes said...

Nora looks adorable as a a ballerina and it is all about the twirling! I am not looking forward to the car ride to disney next month....10-12 hrs with 3 kids doesn't sound too fun! Glad to see you survived and there is hope for me :) I would have been a little freaked out about flying golf balls too! Elyn is so cute....I think she looks like Nora. I even scrolled back to 2006 to see a picture of Nora little...I think they look so much alike :)

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