Sunday, September 27, 2009

My time with a "celebrity"

Remember, Sean was going to be our worship leader at church today? Remember?

And remember that I LOVE Biggest Loser?

Well, I was down right giddy to see Sean this morning. My friends thought I was crazy.
I saw him, freaked out a little and then went up to get my picture taken with him.Turned out good, don't you think?

Right after my friend, Lane, took this picture, Sean looked at me and said, "Now, you can't post that anywhere until the finale."


I know, technically, I am not following directions...TECHNICALLY.

But, you really can't even see anything. Other than I'm in purple and he's in black.

Let me tell you, he looks GREAT!!!!!! He said he works out enormous amounts during the day. He gave me a rough estimate of how much he has lost so far. I weigh less than the amount!

I was so thrilled to meet him and talk with him. He is such a nice guy. His wife and kids were there too. His wife is about to have their baby girl (if you watched episode two, you know she's having a girl) and his son looks EXACTLY like him.

The finale is December 8th...don't forget to watch! GO SEAN!


Marty Rhea Hill said...

Did you kind of freak out like I did when I met Bill Kingsley at the tree sale? Hahahahahaha

Tesney said...

He has led worship a for a few years at Gulfcoast Getaway, our campus ministry's winter retreat. I am rooting for him!

Whitney said...

That's awesome- I was so sad that he went home last night- but it looked like he's doing great at home! I love TBL too- wasn't it sad last night when they were talking about Abby losing her husband and 2 children in that car crash? And then Jillian was TICKED off last night too- I love to see her fired up!

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