Thursday, October 01, 2009

730 days old

Elyn Ann Henderson, you are two-years-old today! And I am having such a hard time believing that you are.

I think why it seems impossible to me is because when your sister turned two, we already had you. So, you're not allowed to turn two until we have another baby, did you not get that memo?

You are such a joy! You bring overwhelming happiness to our family. You are so, so funny and have about a million facial expressions. I think you will keep me on my toes in a few years-in both good and bad ways.

When we ask you how old you are, you hold up two fingers and say "Three." No, no baby girl, you are not allowed to grow up that fast.

I thought I would give a little list of the things that have happened or you have done this year...because you know, this is your baby book (I apologize way in advance for this).

  • You started Mother's Day Out this year and really like it. Although, I think your favorite part is carrying your lunch box. Your teacher told me that when you lay on your rest mat at nap time you say, over and over, "Mommy misses me. Daddy misses me." That's a little sad and sweet.
  • You sleep in a toddler bed now. And I am saddened by this fact, because it means you are now able to get out of bed. But you love it and think you are such a big girl.
  • You are still quite the active little girl. **We went to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese recently and I couldn't find you. I didn't get too worried, but asked Mrs. Amber to look for you too. I knew you couldn't have left because there was a "guard" at the door. We looked everywhere and then Mrs. Amber saw you, in the playground area. You were able to climb the stairs (which are TALL) and manipulate the area. **Your daddy caught you climbing your bookshelf the other night, trying to get to the top shelf. Just ask, and we'll get what you need. **You are not afraid to try something new (totally unlike your sister). You will climb anything, ride anything, scale anything. Actually, if you do something that will usually inspire Nora to...isn't it supposed to be the other way around?
  • You're not quite the good eater that I had hoped for. (You have not been eating at all this past week because you have had a mouth full of sores and it has been painful for you to put anything in your mouth.) Overall though, you don't really like to eat normal food. You love fruit snacks and marshmallows and would be perfectly happy if that is what your daily food consisted of.
  • When I hold you and go to set you down, you usually keep your legs in the same position and refuse to be put on the would rather be held by me than to be put down.
  • Which brings me to...while,I am still your very favorite person, your daddy is your favorite playmate (well, 2nd to Nora). You love for him to chase you around the house and tickle you. You will actually walk up to him, lay on the floor in front of him, look up and say, "Tickle me." You love to be tickled! (You did not inherit this trait from me!)
  • Some phrases that you say right now are: "My do it!", "Hold you me.", "Bed...pacis!", "Not yuck! (when referring to your diaper)", "I want (juice, fruit snack)..."...and there are about a million others. You are actually a very good talker. Most people understand what you are saying. You put together 4-5 word sentences and can carry on a "conversation".
  • You know all (or most) of the sounds that animals make. BUT, when I ask you what a bunny/frog SAYS you say, "Hop, hop."
  • You know what a friend is because Nora is always talking about hers. You love Nora's friends but when I ask you who your friend is you tell me, "Caleb."
  • You DO NOT like T.V. That makes me sad. I could really use a 15-30 minute break sometimes...can you try and like it a little more this next year.
  • Speaking of "breaks", you are a really good sleeper (well, until the bed switch). We usually put you down about 8pm and can count on you to wake up about 12 hours later. And you will typically sleep for 2 hours in the afternoon. Thank you for that!
  • You love to dress up and carry purse and baby dolls. You are all girl! And you can't wait for your turn to take ballet. You get so excited each week to go and watch Nora.
  • You really like books, however, you have a touch of ADD (inherited from your daddy) and can hardly sit through an entire one.
  • You are very good sister! You are, most of the time, concerned about Nora. When you get a snack and Nora is not eating one, you will ask about that. If you get up from your nap before Nora, you will ask where she is. You also have your moments of trials with Nora and are choosing to use your teeth as your main weapon...not a good choice!
  • And speaking of disobeying, your daddy and I have noticed, very recently, that disciplining you might be a challenge. Little girl, you are STUBBORN! It will take you a LONG time to apologize when you have been instructed to do so. And when you finally do apologize it is usually whispered and not coherent. Heaven help your future husband!
  • You will snuggle up sometimes and it is so sweet. Thank you for doing that!
  • You LOVE your Uncle Brian...LOVE him. And we are confused by that. But, you are loyal and continue to love him more than any other family member.
  • You think that your Aunt Marty's name is "Nonna".

Elyn, we love you so much! You are such a blessing and gift. I look at you, everyday, and can't believe that you belong to us. You fill us with so much love.

One of the highlights of motherhood so far is to watch you and Nora play together. God was so wise when he chose you for Nora's sister. You compliment each other and your strengths are her weaknesses and vice versa. I pray you always love each other as much as you have these past two years.

I am excited to see what your next year brings. I know there will be highs and lows and I know that you will make me a better mommy.

I love you baby girl! Happy 2nd birthday!


Marty Rhea Hill said...

Dallas, This was the perfect start to my crazy day. Thank you for all the things you wrote. You made me tear up at the end (I know, I am so Mom). As much as I constantly tell Elyn that "I AM AUNT MARTY, NOT NONNA", I think it is kind of cute. I love you and fun tonight for her birthday.

Julia said...

Brian wants to know why you are confused by Elyn's love for him. He thought "it was a no brainer."

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