Friday, October 16, 2009

Geek squad

So, our router was broken, which meant our laptop did not work (as far as the internet is concerned...and isn't that what a computer is for?).

It's hard for me to type out a blogpost on our desktop because it's a DINOSAUR and as slow as the first 6 weeks of a newborns life. I'm sure you understand.

Guess what? I fixed our router. I know, I should go work for Best Buy and drive around in the "Geek Squad" cars.

I unplugged it and plugged it back in.

I'm a genius.

Much like our router, my immune system has been failing me. Twice in the past week I have been feeling "yuck" (medical term). Sunday I missed church and all other activities because of an extremely sore throat and low fever. I felt a little better Monday but worse Tuesday.

(Are you enjoying all this "yuck" talk? It's almost as exciting as pictures of my kids.)

Anyway, I'm sitting on my couch NOT at a ladies retreat that I have very much been looking forward to. Apparently, I cough all night long. Matthew woke me last night, which is only fair because I woke him with my coughing, and asked me if there was anything he could do.

Um, yes, would you please cut my head off?

I didn't think it was fair to keep a whole bunch of ladies awake all night long with my coughing (ladies, you're welcome).

I'm hoping after some "drink from the gods" (NyQuil) tonight I will feel better and make it for part 2 of the retreat.

Or maybe I can unplug myself and then plug back in. It worked with the router.

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winbe said...

Hope you are feeling better. We missed you this weekend.

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