Monday, October 26, 2009

Patty Cake

I don't know if your kids have every watched Miss Patty Cake, but my girls LOVE the lady! Love Miss Patty Cake!

She, if you're an adult, can get a tad annoying (especially if you have watched her DVD 1 million times). But her message is great and she has helped my girls learn some good Bible stories through her singing.

Elyn is not really into t.v. (understatement) BUT she will pause for 10 minutes in her playing to sing and dance with MPC. And all I can say about that is BLESS YOU MISS PATTY CAKE!

Here is a little clip...and yes, she does dress like a toddler girl. But, we love her.


Jamie Chitty said...

She scares me! How is it that kids are not afraid of someone like that? At least it gives you some free time.

Amy said...

She came to our church a few years ago. Super nice lady, and she has a true heart for kids. She HAS to to dress like that on a daily basis.:)

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