Sunday, October 11, 2009


Last weekend, my aunt got married. After her wedding and sending her off on her honeymoon, most of the rest of my family met at my grandmother's house.

My grandmother has recently gone to live in an assisted living place. Because of that, my mom/aunt/uncle are going through her stuff and getting ready to sell her house.

If you have ever been through a grandparent moving or downsizing, you know the amount of stuff there is to go through/divy (is that a word) up.

Anyway, last Sunday it was the grandkids turn to take what we wanted. (Or feel a little bit of jealousy when we discovered what had been left to the others...ahem, Jill.)

We celebrated Elyn and Matthew's birthday that night too. And after singing "Happy Birthday", Marty got a little nuts.

And then Elyn got scared because we were all smashing cupcakes in each other's faces.

I love my sister and cousins! So much fun!


Marty Rhea Hill said...

Soooooooooo fun!!!!! Great memories at GM's. Love you three.

Julie said...

you're right, it made me laugh! that was a fun night!

Deborah said...

Joshua cried every time we sang "Happy Birthday"...until he was four! Isn't it funny what scares them?

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