Friday, October 30, 2009

some pumpkin fun...part two (actually about pumpkins)

So we carved a pumpkin (and by "we", Matthew did all of the actual work).

Such determination...


Thankfully he has little helpers who are eager to assist!

His littlest helper doesn't look too sure...
Nope, she does NOT want to assist!
But she'll gladly watch.
Only one of them is actually WORKING.
This finished pumpkin and the mess...they played quietly and didn't fight the entire time the pumpkin was being carved so I didn't care about the mess.
Pumpkin fun with actual pumpkins...round two.
We let the girls paint pumpkins the other night and it was a big hit. Made a mess but resulted in quiet time for mommy and daddy. Totally worth the clean up!
We realized that this was the first time for Elyn to paint. She started out by using her fingers as the brush, so we taught her how to use the brush...we're awesome parents.
Nora though, was an old pro.
She is loving it! (And, by the way, SHE insists that we buckle her in each and everytime she sits in her girl.)
Look how proud they are!
Her nose itched a little while she was painting...can you tell?
She is attempting to wash her hands here. The paper towel was blue by the time she was done.
And the finished products!
Elyn's pumpkin:
Nora's pumpkin:


Danna Ramsey said...

yep, moldy looking pumpkins are evidently a must for little girls.

Holly Aytes said...

I don't blame Elyn for not wanting to help...I don't like reaching into the inside of a pumpkin! We have never painted pumpkins before but will be giving that a try next year, I know my kids would love that! Your girls are so precious....I am a sucker for the blond hair/blue eyes :) Good thing my kids have that same combo :)

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