Monday, November 16, 2009

All we need is the pole

Back in June, I posted this picture...
This was the first day that Nora independently dressed help from mom and dad.

Since then-oh my goodness! She has not stopped!

I usually (read-ALWAYS) pick out what she is going to wear in public. She would prefer to wear the exact same summer dress every day...every single day. (I actually didn't pack it with the rest of her summer clothes because I knew she loved it so much and figured it would be a good dress-up dress for her...little did I know it would cause much drama during the cool fall weather.)

I wish I could be one of those moms who lets their kids dress themselves and ignore the fact that they are wearing stripes and plaids together...but I'M NOT. I do let her pick between dress and pants though. Dresses always win (we need more dresses).

Although I am a bit controlling when it comes to dressing in public, when we get home, I do not care what she wears.

She usually (read-ALWAYS) walks into the house and goes straight to her room to remove what she is wearing and replace it with something more "Nora appropriate".

Usually it is her Barbie dress (or princess dress of some kind), a tiara, plastic high heels and jewelry OR a purple shirt (from the summer) and a see-through ballet skirt (which she begs to wear to school).

Today, however, this is what she chose to wear...
Matthew came home and said all she was missing was the pole.

I think all that is missing is the swimming pool with the butler and drink.

(Check out how much thinner Nora's face looks in the 2nd picture...sniff, sniff...she's growing up!)


Ashley said...

So cute, Dallas! I am the mom that doesn't care...or maybe I do care but am too overwhelmed/tired to fight. Ranger wore shorts and sandals the other day and it was 70 degrees outside!

Holly Aytes said...

LOL! I love it! My problem is Madison (and Caleb too for that matter) want to sit around in either their underwear or pj's. I too am a mom that cares. I have both won and lost the battle. I like winning better. Luckily they know they can't go out in the nude but pj's are a whole nother story...they think it is fine to run to the store/library/etc in the cute pj's and house shoes! Guess it is ok....we do live in TN :)

Brittney said...

This post is EXACTLY what my life is like right now. Exactly. I couldn't have typed it better myself.

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