Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fourth annual torture fest

If you haven't looked at the pictures in the previous post, stop reading and go look at them.
Okay, you're back.
This weekend we took the girls to Silver Dollar City. None of us had ever been before (well, Matthew went in junior high, but that doesn't count...right?) and we were pretty excited.
I will write a post all about our SDC experience later. But, right now, I would like to show you how we like to give our children reasons for future therapy.
We had been talking about SDC for a while and how we would get to see Santa while we were there. Nora was pretty excited and Elyn acted like she was looking forward to it also.
We got to Santa's home and stood in the surprisingly short line.
If you are curious, Elyn is trying to shove an animal cracker up her nose...that's how we roll around here.
Nora was so excited about seeing Santa that she started acting like the reindeer.
While we were waiting in line I asked the girls what they were going to ask Santa for. Nora said, "A lot of Barbies." Awesome...little clothes. Elyn said, "A new baby doll and candy." At this point, they both were ACTING excited to see the jolly old man.
We got on stage and all of a sudden only one of my children showed any interest in being around Santa. I don't know if you can tell in the below picture, but Elyn has a DEATH GRIP (and that's an understatement) on me.
Nora, in true form, is a little shy at first and sticks her hands up to her mouth (grrrr). Elyn, however, wanted NONE of it. Look at the sheer terror on her face. I am telling the photo elf that I am about to put her in Santa's lap and she better start snapping.
Santa must have extremely strong arms because he was able to hold Elyn in his lap during the photo session.
Nora was just annoyed at how loud Elyn was screaming and immediately put her hands over her ears. She did manage a little smile.
I rescued Elyn and Nora got down to business, telling Santa what she wants.
"And one more thing..."
All done.
I came back up to get Nora and Elyn freaked out again. She didn't even want the candy cane that Santa was offering.
Look at can almost sense his relief that our turn was over. I hope they pay him well!

So, there you have it...Santa picture 2009. I'm already excited to see what 2010 brings!


~aj~ said...

Oh, these are just too funny (especially when you add in the ones from your previous post). My favorite is the one where you're barely visible on the side...the look on your face is priceless! :)

Holly Aytes said...

LOL! That was great! I loved the ones from previous years as well. Madison's 1st 2 yrs of Santa, we placed her sound asleep on Santa's lap and prayed she wouldn't wake up :) Santa has never bothered my other 2....maybe your 3rd will love him :)

Sandi said...

Oh, your yearly X-mas pictures are the whole reason I follow your blog!! Too funny!

Just kidding, of course, I care about you guys year-round, but so, so funny. When your girls are older, you should get a photo book from Shutterfly or Snapfish just of their Christmas pictures year to year. Hilarious!

Julie Walker said...

Those pictures are hilarious! I am so proud of you for sticking to it each year even though it is so hard!

Kim said...

That may be my favorite Santa picture ever! One covering her ears and the other screaming-priceless!!!LOLOLOL!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

HOW did I miss this? will you PLEASE do a special post with all screaming pics and various characters? FAVORITE. PRICELESS. LOVE.

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