Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Help

I just finished reading The Help.

I started it Friday and finished it tonight.

And I cried through the last 5 pages.

I'm so sad that the book is over!

If you haven't read it, put it on your list of "must reads".

I would now like to have a conversation about it...let's talk.


TeamBortzfield said...

so good, I loved it and I cannot wait for her to write another. Glad you loved it too!

Beth Henderson said...

I know. I cried too. I knew you'd love it!

~aj~ said...

I must be living under a rock. I've never even heard of this book. Adding it to my list right this minute!

Holly Aytes said...

I too loved that book....couldn't put it down until I finished it. I can't wait for her to write something else either :)

Kristen OQ said...

I knew you would love it! I felt like I was reading a classic. Wish you lived closer so we could be a book club together to discuss over desserts! ;)

Sara said...

My book club is discussing this book next month...can't wait! LOVED this book so much! It was amazing!

Anonymous said...

my book club read this book in september....fabulous discussion! can't wait to read more of her stuff when she writes it. i cried so much and was very sad when it came to an end. i think this book got a big "thumbs up" in my opinion!

~leslie :)

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