Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hey, slacker?

For you faithful readers (my 3 faithful readers) you might have noticed I have been slow on posting recently. "Why?" you ask.

This is why:
She is making me tired...very, very tired.

Her picture pretty much says, "Hi, my name is Elyn and I am two. I get kicks out of trying to break glass with my ear-piercing screams, see if I actually cause my mom to pull her hair out, show off the force at which I can throw my body on the floor and see how many times during the day I can BEG "hold you me" to my already fragile mom."

I would like to thank God, in this public forum, for giving me the gift of amnesia. "Thank you for not allowing me to remember this horrendous stage with Nora."

When I put Elyn in her bed at night, the very last thing that I have a desire to do is rehash all the "fun" we had on my blog. I'm tired folks...tired and cranky....tired, cranky and emotional. (Matthew is loving all of those emotions right now.)

I'm tired because I'm nearing 33 and my two-year-old has enough energy and stamina to impress a liter of puppies (and her 3.5 year-old sister still requires some attention too).

I am cranky because I have had to discipline my two-year-old 246,319 times during the day.

I am emotional because I hate all the disciplining and think I'm probably scarring my baby girl (even though I know I'm not...I know, I's for her own good).

So, there you go. In about a year I will pick up the posting, when she has calmed down.

But we'll probably have other issues then.

Parenting...not for the weak or spineless.


Julie said...

i remember those days and will experience them again soon enough:) hang in there!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

I think it is funny that even after you got the camera, Elyn STILL continued to cry. I know you were annoyed, but I love those little tears.

Ashley said...

I'm there, my sweet friend. I don't know if Elyn is doing this, but Little Lu (who is her exact same age gestationally) has been BITING! She randomly bit a little boy at the library yesterday and also tried to bite a classmate at school today! Of course I look lovely with my crying baby and roaming 4 year old, trying to discipline this little thing.

Hopefully they will both turn out to be amazing ladies like their mamas :)

TeamBortzfield said...

maybe you're pregnant?

Kim said...

LOL! True, true.

Deborah said...

Bless, bless, you!! You will both get through this, I promise! Hey, Nora's still alive, right?

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