Wednesday, January 06, 2010

ANOTHER snow day

Well, it was another snow day here in NWA...we are all starting to get a little stir crazy.

Tomorrow is still up in the air. It is supposed to snow up to 3 inches tonight and temperature are going to drop drastically (the lows happening Friday night...NEGATIVE 4 degrees!). I guess will have to wait until the 6am when Matthew may or may not get a phone call.

So, since we have been indoors for much of the past 48 hours, the girls and I ventured out today to BOWL.

It is the first time for either one to bowl. (Sidenote...when I taught in Tennessee, I had a friend named Holly. Holly took pictures of her little boy all the time-before the age of digital cameras. I remember one time that another friend was laughing that she (Holly) had taken pictures of her son when he went bowling for the first time. I even chuckled a I understand.)

Bowling is so much easier these days! Here is Nora rolling her ball (her 7 pound ball that she put up on the rack all alone...she's very strong) down the ramp...I'm telling you, EASY.
And there it goes. No worries though...the bumper are up, no gutter balls today. EASY!

Next up, ELYN! She had a little trouble putting her ball up on the rack because she hasn't developed the upper body strength that Nora has...give her few more months and she'll be beating us all at chin-ups.
But she could push it down the ramp all by problem!
I'm sure she knocked down 8 or 1.
Final score...we went with two of our other friends, Ellie and Abby.
After the bowling round was done we had enough time to get in a few rounds of Ring Around the looks like Elyn was excited about the "we all fall down" part.
"Ring Around the Rosie"

I understand now Holly! I hope you have those photos from 10 years ago. I'm sure your little boy is now bowling with out the bumpers or the ramp (I hope so anyways!). It was a fun day!


Kristen OQ said...

We have no school today either...mainly just icy roads, but a day off of school & preschool...I'll take it!

Seth had a bowling 4th birthday party this past spring -- he quickly learned a good Wii bowler (he is pro level) does not a good real bowler make. Actually we all got brought down a couple of notches thinking we would be great from using the Wii and realizing that there was a reason I made a C in bowling at Harding! ;)

Enjoy the time off!

Kim said...

Ooh-now I wanna take the kids bowling :)

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