Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fun snow day

As promised, we got the girls up and dressed in snow gear this morning.

Matthew rigged together a "sled". He took a lid to a Rubbermaid tub and drilled holes in it. Then he threaded a rope through the holes and, presto, "white-trash sled".

It did the trick though!

Elyn was not a fan of the sled though.
While Matthew took a pit-stop to drop Elyn off, Nora made a few snow angels.
Then it was back on the sled!
This is a very quick video of her sledding. Listen carefully and you can hear her laughing. She loved it!

Matthew got a little tired, so I took a spin around the street...I made it ONCE before I nearly had a heart attack.Doesn't Elyn look enthused? Ha! She did not MOVE from this spot for about 10 minutesSnow angels for everyone!Then it was time for a snowball fight (see Elyn in the background? HA!). Nora was excited about the snowball fight until...

this happened!
She recovered quickly though.
In time to do this...
Elyn needed a little loving after that blow.
But Nora was ready for the sled again...
Elyn...ha ha ha ha! She wanted NO part of the sled!
After hot chocolate, lunch and a nap, we loaded up our car and headed to the field beside our church.
Our friends, the Grahams, joined us too. Amber has a real sled (disk) that Elyn enjoyed riding on...if she was with Amber. Amber was her favorite person today.
And, as always, Nora and Gibson loved playing together!
The older girls took a spin on the sled too.

As we were wrapping things up, the Browns dropped by. I'm sure they did not intend to get out of their car and participate in an impromptu snowball fight....but they did. And I think all the "boys" involved had a good time.

It was a great snow day.

Our church services have been cancelled for tomorrow. We are PRAYING that school resumes on Monday!

I'm exhausted. Have a happy Sunday!


Tesney said...

It is crazy how much snow we're getting in the south! We live a little too far south to have really gotten anything, but my mom's school has used up all their snow days plus some! I can't ever remember using more than one day in a school year for snow. Strange.

Leslie and I talked about Crazy Love on our lunch date. I'm anxious to hear your was a major life-changer for us. I mean, MAJOR. We are reading it for the second time now just for encouragement to keep making changes. But it's SO REFRESHING. I feel so free for the first time in my Christian life. And I'm finally not really worried about what others think of me...or judging others. It's like a new lease on life! OK, sorry to get sidetracked....I'm totally off subject now.

Marty Rhea Hill said...

I love the pictures and that video with Nora was adorable. I loved her laughing. I miss y'all. Elyn was hilarious!!!! Oh, how I miss y'all.

~aj~ said...

How fun!!!!

Adam's been wanting to go sledding, but we couldn't think what to use for a sled. Guess we weren't thinking outside the box! Or at least "of" the box...we've got lots of Rubbermaids in the attic. You'd better believe my boys are gonna hit some "slopes" today. Thanks for the idea!!!

Loved all your pics!

Deborah said...

I loved the "play by play" of your snow day! The Rubbermaid lid as a sled was brilliant.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

im jealous. at least you have snow to play in! down here in the tropics, its all pointless, miserable cold. with nothing to prove its worthiness.

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