Tuesday, January 19, 2010

having your cake

It is birthday party season for Nora's MDO class right now. We have received at least 5 invitations...crazy!
And Nora is so excited to open all the invites (and takes it pretty well when I explain that we can't go to all of them).
One of the parties was at a precious little place called "Cake Party". If you live in the NWA area and are looking for a different kind of party place where you, as the parent, have to do minimal work, then try this place out! Both of my girls LOVED it.
When the girls walked in, they were given a cake box to decorate and an apron to put on. After they decorated the box, there was a little kitchen they got to play with until it was decorating time.
All the cake boxes:
Each child had a small lazy susan with a cookie (shown) and two cupcakes to decorate. You can see all the icings and treats running down the center of the table.
The Cake Party used to be an old soda shop, so it has that nostalgic feeling.
Watching the worker mix up the icing...
Explaining what to do to very excited kids
Hey, what kind of icing do you have down there? I might want that kind.
Nora was so excited! She could not wait to get started.
Using the technique that the worker showed. She told the kids to put some icing in the center of their cookie/cupcake and then dip their finger in the water and spread it out.
And then Elyn would put her finger in her mouth :).
Her beautiful creation!

At this point, I had to leave the party and go change Elyn's diaper. I accidentally left my camera in the car and didn't get to take any other pictures.

The party was a fun time...I'm thinking it would be a great 3rd birthday party for Elyn (because Nora's "4th birthday extraordinaire" is already in the works).


Marty Rhea Hill said...

Well, they sure do look super cute in those outfits. I am assuming their favorite aunt bought those.

Love the pics!!!

Sandi said...

You mean you didn't change the diaper there next to all the cookies? Good move. :)

Looks like a lot of fun!

Deborah said...

I love this concept!

Now you've got me super-excited about Nora's birthday (and I've never even met the girl!). I am SOOOO not a kid's party-planner, but I'm thankful for those that are.

Holly Aytes said...

What a neat idea! Wish we had something like that here in Knoxville. My kids would love it! We do have a Little Chef's Academy that does parties and they get to choose something to make from the list...cupcakes, pizza, etc. We are thinking of that for one of the kids bday's this year.

kate said...

My niece is having her 6th birthday party there this weekend! So fun...I'll definitely send my sister-in-law this blog! :)

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