Saturday, January 02, 2010


We walked into tonight just in time to watch the Liberty Bowl...boy, the Hogs got lucky today! Who knew that there were TWO football teams with horrible kickers...and they played each other.

Our trip was wonderful! I loved, loved, loved spending the week with my family! I especially loved watching Nora grow up before my eyes. She seemed older than "almost four" to me this week. I was so proud of her when she was skiing. I was so proud to watch her truly try. I was so proud that she was able to "hold it together" when she was so tired and past the point of exhaustion. I was so proud of her manners and fun spirit. I was so proud of her for being HER...I pray that I always remember that she is her own person and that is perfect.

She went to ski school three out of four days...on the day she didn't go, we "skied" her.

HOWEVER, we chose to ski with her the day that it snowed and was miserably cold.

We're really good parents.

Actually, she was laughing. I swear.

Doesn't it look like Matthew is about to plow the back forty with her?

But look at how she is mastering the "pizza" stop! I'm so delighted that in a few years she will be beating me down the mountains! She loved it and shows signs of being a good little snow bunny.

Although, she'll tell you she went skating.

I am sad our vacation is over. (I would love to come up with a job for Matthew that would allow him to be with us all the time...and all we did was travel...and hang out...and play with the girls...and just be the four of us. Do you know of anyone hiring for a job like this? Oh, the unemployment office?)

Even though we were in the car for...wait for won't believe it...THIRTY-THREE HOURS total, I enjoyed our time together in the van. Matthew and I talked about how when the girls are older we will drag them all around the country, in a mini-van, seeing the sights and declaring the time, "family vacation". (We said "older" because then they will appreciate it-although, they won't, we will be the only two who appreciate it. And when they are much older and in college and talking to their friends about places they have visited, they will say, "Yeah, I've been parents drug me EVERYWHERE! Then maybe they will appreciate it.) We are EXCITED about the future!

So, Monday it's back to the grind...although the "grind" might look a little different. More on that later (nothing exciting, don't check back 3 or 4 times a day wondering if I've disclosed the big "secret"...just a little something).

Happy 2010 (two-thousand and ten OR twenty-ten...what are you calling it?).


kate said...

I am a product of being taken on TONS of "family vacations" all over the place, and I TOTALLY appreciate it now. Even though I probably wasn't always the happiest camper, I loved it and was thankful pretty early on.'s to lots of Henderson vacations in the years to come! :)

Traci said...

That looked like so much fun!

Lucky for us there was another team with a bad kicker, huh?

Anonymous said...


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