Saturday, January 16, 2010

not making millions

Soooooooo, I am NOT doing a good job of blogging daily, or every other day, or twice a week...and I really want to!

I really want to try and blog at least 5 times a week. Why?

Well, it's not because I think I have a huge audience who is waiting by the computer for my next post, it's not because I have SO MANY things to write about every day, it's not because I am trying to make millions off of this blog (I can guarantee you that!).

I LOVE going back and reading what I have written! I love reading about the girls and what they did at certain points throughout the years. I mean this is essentially my baby book for both of them (sorry girls!).

I am slacking. I hope to step it up!
Last night we had our first "Friday Family Movie Night". I know, I know, Nora is nearly FOUR and this is the first time we have done this! I have a very good reason for this!

Her name is Elyn. If you're new here, Elyn DOES NOT watch anything for very long.

After dinner, we made some cupcakes and a pallet on the floor. We all four lay down and began "Cinderella". After 15 minutes, Elyn was done. I was proud of her for making it that long!

She was ready to play, which really annoyed Nora (who was VERY into the movie!).

It was a fun night and, hopefully, the start of a fun tradition. Maybe Elyn will make it for 20 minutes next time.
After the girls went to bed, Matthew and I watched Julie & Julia (my choice). I read the book this summer and LOVED IT! (Julie made millions off her blog...good for her...never gonna happen here).

And guess what? I LOVED the movie too! I'm dying to go to Washington D.C. and see Julia Child's kitchen now. I LOVE JULIA CHILD! I can see how this became an obsession with Julie.

For Christmas Matthew got me Julia's famous book, which I had requested after reading Julie's book this summer. After watching the movie last night, I got the book and started looking through it. SO INTERESTING! I don't think I could ever do what Julie did for a few reasons...

1. It would be very expensive to do...very, very expensive. I would have to go back to working full-time for that to happen.
2. I would weigh around 1,000 pounds. And I am not kidding. I think I gained two pounds just watching the movie.
3. The thought of making an aspic really grosses me out. REALLY. Like dry-heaving. And don't think I would be able to cook the brains section either.

Other than those problems, I'm ready for the challenge :).

Actually, I think I am going to try this recipe one night next week. I read it last night and it seems pretty easy. But, I think that's just because Julia is such an amazing cookbook author.
Matthew and I think we might try to run a half-marathon in March. We, apparently, are both sick with an illness that causes us to think our bodies are capable of running 13 miles NINE WEEKS from now. It's a terrible illness.

We have a very good reason for wanting to run this half-marathon though. We will be running in the honor of Micah Rine Pate.

Last year, Micah was shot and killed by her husband. A few weeks before her death she ran the Germantown half-marathon. Her dad, Dennis Rine, has been training to run that race in honor of her. My friend, Lousia, put something on Facebook about getting a group together to join him in celebrating Micah. I could barely read the post of Louisa's because of my tears...I still can't believe Micah is gone!

So, we are going to try (TRY!) to join this group on the 21st of March and celebrate the life of Micah and the woman she was.
Anyone watching Biggest Loser? I LOVE Biggest Loser!

And they are BIG this season, aren't they? Wow.

I don't have a favorite yet. I really like the remaining twin brother and the green team.

If you don't watch, you really is inspiring!
good night faithful readers!


Deborah said...

We watched Julie and Julia last night too! In fact, as I was reading the beginning section of your post, my first thought was, "Well, Julie did it!"

I wish I had time to blog every day too, but the busyness of caring for three children, a house, and the various things that go with being a preacher's wife just don't allow for it. I'm with you though--this is turning into Daniel's baby book/scrapbook. Poor third child!

Holly Aytes said...

I haven't seen Julie and Julia but definitely want too! I haven't read the book either but am planning on doing that too. I really want to run in a marathon but am definitely not ready to maybe by 2011 :) We love the Biggest Loser...we are rooting for the pink mother/daughter team as they are from Knoxville. And they are a big bunch.....makes me not feel so bad about the 15 lbs I need to lose.

Holly Aytes said...

Oh yeah, I always look forward to reading your blog :)

Danna Ramsey said...

It's actually my kindergartener who can't sit through a movie, the younger two do just fine.
She'd rather be doing cartwheels in front of the tv. It's endearing.

Sandi said...

Too much stuff to comment on!
1) When we do movie night, we make homemade pizza and/or popcorn & snacks, and we eat while we watch...would that be a possibility and include Elyn a little while longer?

2) I feel the same way about blogging. I think I'm about motivated to jump back in. I don't scrapbook, and I don't do baby books -- these seriously are my way of keeping up with my kids' early years.

3) I think I've about decided that I can't do the half-marathon by March. I was planning to train for one at the end of April (still am), and when I heard about Micah's, I really, really, REALLY wanted to do it. But just running 3 miles the other day really taxed me, and I have NEVER run more than 3 in my life...I'm afraid it would tax my body too much. If I join in that day, I'll do the 5K, I think, unless I decide to do a run/walk combo...Go, Hendersons -- proud of you guys and know that it will be such an expression of love to the Rines.

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