Sunday, January 24, 2010

Old friends

Old friends are the best, aren't they?

The friends I made at Harding, my freshman year basically, are still some of my very best friends.

Harding has a lot of "quirky" rules but as I get older (33 on Wednesday...ahhhh!) I have come to appreciate them more.

Like the one about living on campus. Sure it sounded stifling when I was 18/19/20 and DYING to live in an apartment OFF CAMPUS. But now, I totally appreciate the memories that were made by living in the dorms.

Take this memory (fall of 98):
Who is the crazy group of girls? (Oh my goodness Jen Sheets, you make me laugh so hard! And Joy, how were you able to keep a straight face? Nicola, you are the best fake cheerleader I have ever seen!)

Occasionally our dorm would have fire drills (like all dorms do, I'm sure). Someone in our group of friends would figure out what night is was going to be and then we would all dress up for it.

While everyone else was parading outside in their pajamas and blankets, here we would come...all dressed up.

EVERY SINGLE TIME I see this picture I laugh. I love that I laugh when I see this picture. I laugh because of the memory. I laugh at Jen Sheets telling me she had just washed off her concealer (hahahahahahahaha). I laugh that Aunt B thought we were so funny (because really, I'm sure we just annoyed her).

I love my friends from my younger days....thank you Harding for your rules, especially the one where we have to live on campus!


Whitney said...

Totally agree with that last statement! People always complained about all the rules, but I LOVED living in the dorms! I might not have had such wonderful friendships and memories without that curfew!

Ashley said...

Seriously. I was just telling someone how fun it was to hang with the girls after curfew. If we did not have 11/12 curfew, we would NEVER have hung out like we did. Lots of fun. And, sorry, but I think your memory is a little off. We dressed up one night for the DC party not even knowing there was a fire drill, and we were super embarrassed when there was...being the token dress up people :)

Kristen OQ said...


Dallas said...

Oh Ashley, you're right....I have a bad memory. Thanks for keeping me in check! Love you!

Deborah said...

I couldn't agree more, Dallas. I would live those years over again, if it meant I would appreciate it more.

Your picture is so cute! I wish I had taken more pics in college.

Jenn said...

Oh girl! You are so right!! I loved every minute of my time after curfew in the dorms at HU! What wonderful memories with such great friends...blessings!! :)

Love the picture...ya'll are so funny!

Danna Ramsey said...

freshman year I learned to rollerblade on the 3rd floor of Kendall Hall ... after curfew of course.
I'm sure that those crazy girls who liked to go to bed early hated us for that.

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