Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our day

It is currently sleeting in our neighborhood. I can hear it popping on our patio and in our front entry.

I'm betting Matthew does not have school tomorrow...just another day taken away from our summer vacation.

About 4pm this afternoon our heat was not turning on. I looked at the thermostat and it was registering 59 degrees. Matthew went out to the heater closet (technical term) and tapped on it, jiggled some wires and blew on the dust. It kicked on and started working again.

My handyman!

We are praying that it does not continue to turn off because that would make for a VERY cold night. We basically dressed the girls in fleece tonight. Hopefully they don't combust.

I wrote a few weeks ago that Matthew and I had watched Julie and Julia. I also mentioned that I had recently received, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Well, tonight, I made my first recipe from the collection. I made boeuf bourguignon and it was delish! I was worried about the difficulty level but Julia does such a good job of breaking the recipe down so I had no problems!

I did leave out the part using the 18-24 small white onions. I couldn't find any when I was at the store. I told this to Matthew and he said that I might find them jarred. Good idea honey, why weren't you at the store with me :).

And my "I don't like onions" husband said that the onions probably would have tasted good in the stew. Next time.

Here is a picture that Matthew took of the girls tonight:
They both LOVE the bathtub and played for about an hour in it tonight. They play so well together in the tub and rarely argue. I love bath night!

I hope all of my blog friends are staying warm and cozy tonight!


Lane said...

VERY cute picture! I can't wait til Sterling and Judson can do this!

Keisha said...

I love the bath picture.

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