Monday, January 25, 2010

She can work a crayon!

When I picked up Nora from Mother's Day Out today, the director came up to me and gave Nora a compliment.

She told me that I have an amazing colorer (is that a word?) on my hands. She told me that Nora has a gift for coloring.

Really? A gift? I mean, the girl can color...and color....and color. I know that. She will sit at the table for EVER coloring. Matthew and I have been impressed a few times with her level of detail.

But, a gift?

I was, understandably, proud of my little Crayola prodigy.....

until I looked down a note from her teacher. It said, "Please work on letter recognition at home."

Balloon popped.

I'm hoping that all children got sent home with that note today (Matthew doesn't think so).

Guess what we did tonight? Nope, not letter recognition.

We colored.

I mean, it's a gift.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Whatever! I worked on letter recognition in kindergarten and I have a master's degree. Keep coloring.

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