Friday, January 29, 2010

snow day #6

We had a great day at home today...and we were at home. All. Day. Long. 

We did not step food outside (well, I did. I took some dinner to our neighbors that just had a baby. A sweet, precious baby girl. That I got to hold. SO SWEET!).

The girls did not even ask to go outside and play...Matthew offered but they said no. They're odd.

Tomorrow morning we are bundling up and heading outdoors to play. Play, play, play! Matthew is already figuring out a way he can rig a sled together.

So, this is how we spent our day:

coloring (it's a gift)

rocking on a horse while talking on a cell phone
catching snowflakes (yes, we wore our pajamas all day long)

playing in a measuring cup band
here is our patio table
and here is the amount of snow that had fallen in our yard by 8pm. The weatherman is predicting we get up to 8 inches.
So, that's our day...I know, exciting :). 
I am sad that because of all of this winter weather we are not going to be able to attend Noah's (my sweet nephew) first birthday party. It's in Little Rock and we do not know what the roads are like, so he will have to celebrate without us. 
Noah, look for an exciting birthday post for you tomorrow!


Traci said...

cute pictures! My kids didn't want to go outside and play either. After SO many snow days- it gets a little old. I missed a hair appointment today. boo!

Holly Aytes said...

Love days were we wear our pj's all day! Your girls are so precious! I wish we would get that much snow....we were predicted to get between 4-8 inches of the white stuff. We have about 2-3 inches of hard, crunchy snow :( I wish it was the fluffy kind you can play in. Ours don't want to go out and play in it either....I may make them in a little while though, cause I am mean like that!

April said...

I am in Mississippi. We didn't get even half that amount of snow. We just had freezing rain and a little snow over night. We stayed in all day in our PJ' most days when we don't leave the house.

My girls have the same Childrens Place shirt and the Snow White costume (that they where often).

Have a great snow day!

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