Thursday, January 07, 2010

What does a routine look like?

I have no idea!

I told Matthew last night that I needed us to get back into a routine so that I don't eat my weight in food every single day.

Bye, bye resolutions...wish I could have held onto you a few more days.

But who was I kidding when there is a package of OREOS in the pantry?


No school again tomorrow. We're looking at June 8th as the last day of school now. I might as well wave BYE-BYE to a family vacay in the month of June (hey, we'll save money). When the weather is 95 degrees and Matthew is still grading papers, I will think of this week (when the low is supposed to be NEGATIVE five).

We haven't even gotten to the really cold/snowy/icy parts of the year yet. Anyone want to take a guess on how many more days we will be out of school?

I say (complain) about all of this, but truly, I am thankful that I have had this past week with Matthew and the girls. It was a nice surprise.

I do feel bad that Nora is getting on MY VERY LAST NERVE. Seriously. I am hoping it is just a stage (please let it just be a stage), but OH MY GOODNESS, she is annoying the mess out of me and most of the time, driving Elyn crazy.

God gave Nora a gift by allowing her daddy to be at home as her protector this week. (I kid...she doesn't need security...yet.)

So, tonight is another night to stay up late, let the laundry go for one more day, lounge on the couch and watch the BCS Championship (and although I am screaming, "Roll Tide"!, I feel so bad for Colt McCoy...bless his heart!).

Happy final snow day tomorrow...make it a good one.

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Whitney said...

Oh girl, I hear ya! Hang in there! Hopefully Monday :)

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