Monday, February 22, 2010

i'm not cut out

Hats off to all of you working moms out there! This is a picture of how I feel right now.

Actually, I envy the polar bear because he (she?) is asleep.

I came to the conclusion that I can NEVER go back into the work force...absolutely never again. I just don't have the stamina for it.

So, now, for all of your working moms (WM), let me give you a play by play of my day...and you will laugh at me.

I set my alarm for 7am...I know, 7am, a joke for you WM' all are pulling into your parking spots around that time...and I got dressed, in "real" clothes.

The girls got up at 8am and I shoved breakfast down their throats, lay a frozen meal (yea for our cooking party a few weeks ago!) out for dinner, argued with Nora over what she was going to wear, discussed what should be taken for show and tell, packed lunches and threw everyone in car. Again, I know a joke...WM's are usually on their 4th or 5th cup of coffee by this time.

Got the girls to MDO-ON TIME-and ran a few errands before a meeting at 10am.

Had meeting, felt inadequate (I guess that's what happens when you are a SAHM), ended meeting, panicked in car for a minute.

11am-drove through Sonic and got a Wacky Pack meal (for myself). I got the apples instead of tots and picked some of the breading off of the chicken strips...trying to keep it half-way healthy. (I realized at that point that I had not had breakfast...I could really lose some serious weight if I was a WM!)

After "lunch" I headed to Harding to finish plans for ANOTHER meeting (presentation) later this afternoon.

Left Harding later than I planned because the copier kept jamming (awesome). Left in enough time to pick up girls from school.

2pm-picked up girls from school...took forever. My favorite thing was when Elyn insisted that she did NOT need to leave school with me. Why oh why today?

2:30-Mama needed a sugar hit so we drove through Krispy Kreme. While I was there I picked up a dozen donuts to take with me to my next meeting. Not for me...gahhh...I'm not going to eat a DOZEN donuts (although, I totally could!).

I dropped the girls off at a friend's house (thank you Jasmine!) and headed to my presentation.

I "presented" for an hour and a half (again, felt inadequate) and ran back to pick up the girls.

Picked up the girls, got back in car...5:30. I was ready for bed by this time.

About 5 minutes from our house, I looked in the back seat and found Nora sound asleep, She's not used to this WM lifestyle either.

I walked in the door at 6pm and my wonderful husband had dinner ready!

How do you WM's do it? I am EXHAUSTED! I wasn't at home at all today. I have laundry that needs to be done, dishes that need to be washed, projects that need to be completed and I have ZERO energy.

I know, I'm a wuss. I don't care, call me that. I prefer my "cushy" lifestyle.

Oh, and how do you manage to be loving and kind to your family day after day? Seriously. I have a new appreciation for Matthew and how he comes home everyday ready to play with the girls/help me.

I guess, like an Olympic athlete, it's all about stamina (ha). I need to have a few more training runs before I jump back into the world of working.

My hat is off to you, WM.

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Whitney said...

Hilarious! I like how you picked the breading off the chicken strips & then went thru Krispy Kreme :) I know what you mean though, I get exhausted just getting Austin out the door by 9am to run 1 errand.

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