Friday, February 26, 2010

me and my best friend

I just wanted to write something really quick about little Elyn.

She is next to me from the time she is awake until she takes a nap. Then she wakes up and is next to me again, constantly, until she goes to bed at night.

Every now and then I get a break and she will go play with Nora in the playroom.

I told Matthew that I remember Nora at this age. I remember him coming home from work and telling him he had been replaced as "best friend". He had been replaced by his daughter.

Well, it happened again. He has once again be replaced.

However, when Nora was in the "smothering" stage, I could turn on the tv for 30 minutes and grab a break. With Elyn, that does NOT happen. There is no distracting that girl.

She knows what she wants. She wants me.

And only me.

*When I am cooking dinner she wants to be standing directly beside me.
*When I go to the bathroom, she goes as well...she doesn't want to miss a thing.
*When I take a shower, she stays in the bathroom the entire time. I guess in case I need CPR.
*When I am on the phone, she likes to talk to the person on the other end.
*In the middle of the night, she will get out of bed and come stand directly next to our bed...I think it's because she misses me.
*When I am disciplining her, she will cry out, "I want my mommy!" Hey, I'm right here...I'm the one getting on to you.
*When I go to the mailbox on really cold days, I don't let her go with me. She stands right by the door, looking at the window, watching me the entire time.

I was thinking this morning, as she was next to me, that I have FINALLY gotten used to her constant need to be beside me. That's sad, isn't it? She almost 2.5 and I have JUST NOW gotten to where it does not bother me.

Next week she probably won't even need me.

I am so thankful that she loves me so much. I even find myself looking forward to our time together.


Ashley said...

That is amazing, Dallas. Because if you remember, Lucy and Elyn are gestationally the EXACT same age, and Lucy could completely live independently without either of us :) She is not attached to me AT ALL!

Whitney said...

Cute post! In the last few weeks Austin has started that stage. Following me everywhere, constantly clinging- I'm not used to it yet. Honestly, it's driving me crazy.. if you must know.

Holly Aytes said...

Madison is the exact same way! So glad to know that there is someone else going through the same thing. It was hard for me to get used to it also especially since Taylor and Caleb weren't as obsessed with me :) I tell Madison occasionally that I would be okay if she didn't love me so much :) If I try and leave her I must endure numerous hugs and kisses and wave as I back out the driveway. If I try to sneak out w/o doing these things she cries. It definitely has taken some getting used too!

Deborah said...

My sister had to have number 3 before her little girl outgrew her attachment issues.


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