Thursday, February 25, 2010


I went to pick up Nora today at school. Her teachers had a little birthday gift for her. (How nice!)

The present was actually coins that she could turn in for a toy at a local toy store (Dilly Dally's). A toy store we NEVER go to because it is like crack for kids (and it does not fit in our budget).

Nora and I counted her coins before we got out of the car to see what she would be able to get. And I must say, I was impressed with the amount of money that the coins totalled. (When I taught, I MIGHT have thought ahead far enough to get a free book from Scholastic for the kids. I was awesome like that.)

We went into the store and Nora was a bit overwhelmed. She told me she couldn't decide. (Really, the place is jam packed with toys and I can see how she was boggled by the choice).

We walked around a while (during this time, Elyn aka "the Tornado", had found about 60 toys that she couldn't live without and was insisting that she take them home...sorry sister) and Nora finally settled on two teeny-tiny chipmunks. Um, ok.

I suggested a few more to go along with it but she kept saying, "No, I just want one toy."

We walked around a few more minutes and buyer's remorse set it (before she even bought it) and she went to put the chipmunks back. On her way to return the woodland creatures, she passed by some dolls. And her decision was made:
I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family, the Hispanic girl named (by Nora) "Jasmine".

Nora cannot wait until she goes to bed tonight so she can sleep with Jasmine.

And, by the way, Elyn left the store with nothing...I checked her pockets.

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Karie said...

Okay...Loving that Elyn of yours. She might fit in nicely with the Fager crew!! She's going to always keep flavor in your life...just like our Krimson does here!! Happy birthday to Nora too!! Our girls are growing like flowers...sweet girls :)

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