Monday, February 15, 2010

The Princess Party

So, the party...all about Nora and Gibson aka Cinderella and Snow White.

A good time was had by all! Elyn was dressed as Sleeping Beauty and, I think, thought the party was for her too. She was so sweet and wanted to be a part of everything that Nora and Gibson were.
Nora had originally requested that Matthew make the cake. She was very specific about it being a Cinderella cake, her dress being blue, and it being beautiful. I am SURE that Matthew could have pulled it off HOWEVER we love each other and do not enjoy arguing, so we ordered it (ha!).
We had a lot of princesses (and princes) who joined us in celebrating....Princess Violet:
Princess Sydney...
Nora absolutely love Sydney ("Sitney" is what she calls her)...
Decorating crowns (gotten from Burger King for free and spray painted silver) and picture frames...
The decorated "palace" (Matthew and Michael, Gibson's dad did all the decorating. As far as Cinderella and Snow White, I traced them and Matthew painted Cindy and Aunt Julia painted Snowy...good job guys!)
John David trying to take out the birthday girls with balloons.
Nora and Princess Ellie..."What's up!"
A "friendly" game of musical chairs...I didn't realize that so many princesses would end up in tears...oops.
Cinderella didn't win...
...she was sad.
But she quickly recovered when I told her it was time to blow out her candle...
It's hard to believe she is almost four!!!!!!
Our baby girl...
Gram and her grandbabies.
Ending the party with a balloon/bubble dance.

It was a fun party! Nora loved it (and I think Gibson did too), so that is all that matters. Nora turns four next week...I'm in denial.

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Holly Aytes said...

Love that birthday party theme! Y'all did a great job :) Madison would really love a party like that though I am not sure I want to tackle something that big! I am more of a "pay someone else to do everything for me" birthday mom! I want someone else to decorate and then clean up :)

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