Thursday, March 11, 2010

the day was pretty and the wind blew

So....missed me? (ha!). Remember when I told you that I had a exciting opportunity? Remember? Probably not.

Well, that opportunity is doing some consulting work with some local schools. It is a blessing to our family and enables me to use my mind some. I am excited to do the is great to be in the schools again and I am able to do this consulting while the girls are in MDO. Win, win...right?

Because of this extra work I have let my blogging fall to the bottom of my list of priorities. About twice a day I think of something I want to write about but by the time 10pm rolls around and I have gotten everything else done, I am too tired to lift a finger.

Now, some pictures...

Yesterday morning/afternoon was beautiful. The temps were in the 70's and the wind was pretty low. I let the girls outside, in the backyard, while I was working on some things inside.

(SIDENOTE: How awesome is it that my girls are now at the age where I can send them outside for a few minutes without me being right beside them? VERY! Mind you, I keep the door opened a crack so I can hear if there is a blood-curdling scream. But, I feel like we are at a new point in our lives...they can play alone. HALLELUAH. Have I mentioned that I love that they are 19-months-apart?)

The best purchase we ever made....the sandbox.

My girls could play in or around the sandbox for about an hour. They love it! I don't love the sand bits that get tracked into the house but I am willing to sweep those up if it means happy girls.

This is the first year that Elyn can climb on the swingset without my having a heart attack. She loves to swing and I think will be flying across the monkey bars by the end of the summer.

Last night, after our gorgeous day, the winds picked up and we were under a tornado warning. We were getting the girls ready for bed when we heard a huge loud cracking sound. I asked Matthew what that sound was and he told me our fence had just fallen down. It was a tad windy, I suppose.

You can see that the playhouse was knocked over too. It think it's funny that the fence fell down in one big piece. The posts cracked and busted and couldn't hold the boards any longer.
We have been talking about replacing the fence, because honestly, it was the highest quality to begin with.
I guess that discussion is over with. The fence is about to be replaced.


April said...

Okay, the fence story is hysterically funny! I'm so sorry your fence fell down, but it sure made for a great blog post. I hope you get a new one soon! :)

Holly Aytes said...

Congrats on the consulting job! That is great that you can do it while the girls are in MDO. It is really nice when the kids are at an age where you don't have to be right by there side. Sorry the fence fell, it is funny that it went all in one piece :)

Marty Rhea Hill said...

Hey, who was the kid in the blue dress? I thought you said Nora and Elyn were playing? Elyn is so tall and skinny. Where did she go? Gawl lee, she is growing up. Love the pics. Elyn actually looks taller that Nora. Thanks for the post.

Deborah said...

Yea for a sunny day! Our boys have been loving playing outside too.

Sorry about your fence. Thanks for letting the rest of us get a laugh out of it, though!

Congrats on the job, by the way!

Anonymous said...


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