Friday, March 26, 2010

movin' on up...

surprise, surprise, surprise...

we put our house on the market today (the extremely shaky and volatile market).

two and a half weeks ago we would have NEVER EVER dreamed that we would want to move.


two weeks ago we heard about a house that was for sale. we went and looked at it...weren't crazy about got us thinking though.

and thinking can be dangerous!

we decided, hey, it can't hurt to look around and see what other homes are for sale in the area. guessed it...we found one that we liked. a lot.

and because we do not just have over a hundred thousand dollars laying around, we have to sell our home first.

now, we are not naive enough to think that the house we LOVE is still going to be for sale when our home does sell...IF our home DOES sell...but, hey, let's put ours on the market to see if anyone thinks our home is AWESOME.

this house that we needs work. and not just "needs a new coat of paint" work. more like, "needs a hole fixed in the wall/all carpet needs to be replaced/demolish the master bedroom" kind of work.

not for the faint of heart. (so, maybe it will stay on the market a little bit longer.)

basically this home is matthew's dream "handyman" home. we would not be lacking for projects


so, now we pray...and wait.

we think our current home is absolutely perfect. we are just looking for something a little bit "more".

i'll let you know if someone else thinks our home is perfect for them.


~aj~ said...

Well as I'm sure you picked up from my blog...moving is craziness! But it can also be such an exciting thing. I hope you have lots of luck selling your house and that your perfect home is just waiting on you!

Deborah said...

I am so glad for you that you want a house to "work" on. Pat and I have been house-shopping while waiting for our TN house to sell (it closed yesterday!). We are looking for a home with as little "work" to do as possible. Our buzz-word for house-shopping is "move-in-ability"!

I hope your selling/buying goes well. Have fun "staging" your house!

Holly Aytes said...

It seems like so many people have the "move" fever. We have 3 in our small group in the moving process at the same time. Makes for great stories. I hope that your house sells quickly and you are able to get Matthew's "dream house" :)

Kim said...

How exciting! I hope that it all works out. This girl would LOVE to see renovation pics!

Kathryn said...

There is definitely something in the air! We sold, moved and bought within the last two months, and I know tons of people who are in your shoes. Good luck with the sale, and hopefully the house you've found will work out!

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