Tuesday, March 23, 2010

pictures from my phone

Let me tell you, I have not been doing a good job of using my "good" camera to take pictures. With the iPhone, it is so easy to just whip it out and snap a quick picture. I need to do a better job of pulling my big camera out and quit using the portability of my phone.

Until that happens, here are some pictures from my phone:

Almost EVERY SINGLE day it is a fight with Nora about her wardrobe. Many mornings end with her in tears. Usually the fight starts when we get to the shoe part of the outfit. She is "in-between" shoe sizes right now and it is making life difficult. I honestly do not care if the shoes she picks out matches what she is wearing. What I do care about is if the shoes are "season appropriate". Her favorite shoes are some white shoes she wore last year for Easter and her black shoes she wears this fall/winter.

Last week I told her to go pick out her outfit. She could wear whatever she wanted to wear, including shoes.

This is what she picked out. And she told me she was so beautiful.

Really? You feel beautiful looking like a bag lady? I might as well just put on a blindfold every morning when I help you pick out your clothes...it would make life easier.

My friend Joy had a baby recently. I've never seen a more content mother. She LOVES being a mom and told me she is at a perfect point in her life to have a baby. And her baby, well, he is just the cutest thing ever! See:

His name is Fender and they call him Fen. Do you love his onesie? His Aunt Dallas made it for him.

Am I right? Doesn't she look so happy? And beautiful! She told me she still has 10 pounds left to lose...Fen is 4 weeks old. Me too, Joy! And my baby is 2.5 years old.

On St. Patrick's Day we made green eggs. Nora and Elyn were not too sure about green eggs, but after one taste declared them delicious! (I love that she is sporting her dress up clothes for breakfast.)

On Sunday, Matthew and I ran in a race. The Germantown 1/2 marathon was the last race that Micah Rine ran in before she was killed last year. Her dad started training to run it this year, in her honor. A few people heard about that and spread the word. About 30+ people showed up to run it too and support the Rines. I ran the 5K and Matthew ran the 1/2. (Matthew training was almost non-existent. The most he had run before the race was 6.5 miles...and that was about 3 weeks ago. Anyway, he went out and ran his fastest 1/2 marathon ever. I think a few people who had been training for several months were a little upset by that...I can't say that I blame them.). Here we are, before the race, sporting our sweatbands. They say "For the Rines".
Can you see the person in the bed? No? Look closer. It's Elyn, snoring away. I do not see how she can sleep like this!
While we were in Hattiesburg for Spring Break, Pops took both girls to the Dollar Tree for a shopping spree. Both girls got to spend $5. It was a little like Christmas for both of them.
One of the girls favorite things to do at Pops and LeeLee's house is to scale the retaining wall.
And run down the tee box right beside their house.
I took the last two pictures at the park. Nora looks so old to me in the first one.
And Elyn looks so sweet in this one.

Maybe the next time I post, I will have pictures from my big camera. No promises though :).


Marty Rhea Hill said...

I don't care where you take the photos from.....just take them. I miss y'all and miss seeing you. Love the photos.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I love my iphone pictures....enjoyed looking at all your pictures...

Ashley said...

That onesie is the bomb. The Rine race sounds like a neat thing. Good for you guys. Best luck with your house.

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