Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Since this is essentially the baby book for Nora and Elyn, I need to include this information.

We went to the doctor last Friday to her well-child visit. She was so excited about going too (I think it had to do with not getting shots).

First things first...getting weighed. (By the way, I LOATHE that scale!)

She weighs 33 pounds (33rd percentile).
Next up, how tall was she? She is 40 inches tall (57th percentile).

It was a great visit and she checked out "perfectly".

Next year...shots.


Deborah said...

Yea, Nora! What a big girl!

Should I be concerned about my twelve-month-old that weighs eight pound less than your four-year-old?

Daniel goes for his one-year check-up this week. I'm sure you remember the number of shots on that visit...ugh.

Whitney said...

Austin weighs 34 lbs..... and he's about to turn 2. :)

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