Wednesday, March 31, 2010


today was a great day! we have had BEAUTIFUL weather here the past two days and we have definitely been taking advantage of it!

and thank goodness for the pretty weather because we are able to spend more time outside and less time inside messing everything up.

wow. it seems as if i am constantly walking around to see if anything needs to be picked up and put away. HOWEVER, i am trying not to be a total nutcase about it. i want nora and elyn to feel like they can play and bring toys into other rooms and not get a crazy woman running around after them. fine line.

we had our first showing today. yea! the realtor has not called with an offer though :). when we lived in searcy, we sold our house in 5 days. i guess we have high expectations. ha!

we were not at home when the realtor called to say he was bringing someone by. i immediately started walking through each room in my mind, trying to remember if everything was perfect.

i had left some folded clothes on our bed. grrrrrrrrrr.

maybe tomorrow will be the magic day.
elyn has been telling us A LOT lately that she has to go to the potty. she only tells us when we are at home and she doesn't always go when she sits on the potty. today she told me she had to go to the potty but she didn't want any help. NONE!

so, she went and then told matthew that she didn't her diaper back on. she wanted panties.

you think she is proud? sweet girl! she was so proud and excited about her big girl panties!!!!! she was MAD when matthew told her that we had to put a diaper back on her at bedtime. she wanted panties! we finally got her to calm down when we told her she would wear her panties on top of her diaper. i think potty training begins tomorrow. sigh.

oh, and NEVER wanting to be left out, nora wanted her picture taken too.
and the night nora has been waiting for....decorating eggs!

after we got the dinner dishes picked up, we stripped the girls down (both in panties) and let the fun begin...although in this picture, nora doesn't look like she is having fun. i can assure you though, she loved every single second!

i don't know why i am always surprised when nora acts older. i know she is growing and getting more mature. but tonight, wow, she impressed me! she was so meticulous and careful with the eggs and knew exactly what she wanted to do. she's growing up.

elyn though, was not so careful and meticulous. her first egg was dropped on the floor and deemed "undyeable". she had a great time too!

nora's eggs. she was so proud of this picture :).

what a fun day!


Whitney said...

Hope you sell your house soon- having it on the market is NO FUN AT ALL! Love the panties pictures :) Cute girls!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

Love the pics and love that Elyn is in panties. She, and Nora, are too cute!!!!

mylk said...

you do know that this picture shows up on a google search of, 'panties,' right? please delete it. there are a lot of people out there who aren't searching for photos of panties for actual non-perverted reasons.

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