Monday, April 19, 2010

before and after

How I wish I had pictures to go along with today...but, sadly, I don't.

After I dropped the girls off at school I went to Target to pick up some plastic storage bins. Because today was my semi-annual event...the "changing of the clothes".

One of the chores that I absolutely LOATHE.

I can never get rid of any clothes (what if we have a 3rd child one day and that child is a girl?) and I (Matthew) have to pull down at least 7 tubs from the attic to get clothes put away and pulled out for the upcoming season.

I am THANKFUL that I am able to clothe my children BUT this is an ALL DAY job.

I started the job at 10am and quit at 1:45 to go pick up the girls.

And I left with clothes ALL OVER MY HOUSE. Literally. All. Over. My. House.

After I picked up the girls I headed out for a quick errand. It was such a pretty day that when I finished my errand, then girls and I decided to walk around and enjoy the day.

About 2:45 I got a text from Matthew.

It said, "Did you get a message about the house?"

Um, NO!!!!!! I immediately call him and find out what is going on.

Apparently, a realtor called him and said that they wanted to come look at our house at 4pm.

WHAT????? Remember, I have clothes ALL OVER MY HOUSE!

I threw the girls in the car and flew home. I spent a frenzied hour hanging up clothes, folding clothes, repacking tubs, vacuuming and emptying trashcans.

I was SWEATING after all that work. (And pretty proud of myself for getting it all done. It is amazing how much I can get done when I really put my mind to it!) We jumped back in the car and prayed that someone would love our house.

Tonight, after we got home, I looked around and was happy that all the clothes were put away and everything was clean.

It was a very quick "before" and "after".


Holly Aytes said...

LOL! I too hate that chore and refuse to throw anything away b/c what if we decide to have a 4th! I just did the annual "clothes swap" and when I took the bins back up to the attic I counted the # of bins. There are 43!!! Yes, that is correct. My husband who was actually the one hauling them upstairs says I could have many new things for the house if I was willing to get rid of some clothes. I told him that I have saved him so much $ by saving all those clothes b/c the I have had to buy very little for the youngest. He wasn't buying it :) Hope the potential buyers loved your house!

~aj~ said...

House showings are just insane. I had a couple of times where I had to just run around with laundry baskets, load up all our "junk" and put it all in my vehicle before we drove away. A friend once told me how she had to shove all her dirty dishes in the freezer. ;)

Good luck!

Sandi said...

I hate this, too, and I think it's hard that they change sizes DURING the season a lot of times, too. Ugh. And the first day that we put our house on the market in MO, we were doing massive laundry and got a call that someone was driving around the neighborhood and saw the new sign and wanted to see it right away -- we tossed everything into baskets and put them in our closet with towels neatly draped over them and got out of there -- crazy!

Zoe said...

Just happened on your cute blog - and can totally relate to the house showing panic. Yesterday we had a house showing and I ran out of time to fold and put away ALL THE LAUNDRY. So I stuffed 2 overflowing laundry baskets in the back of my van, plus one of those ginormous Ziploc storage bags. But hey, whatever works! :)

Brittney said...

I could have written this post too! First of all...hate changing clothes out for the girls. It is so hard to separate things because sometimes they were something for 2 summers and then I have to go find the original box that it needs to go in. This is a full time job! And I too can get rid of nothing in case there is a 3rd girl somewhere in my future. Also, our house is for sale and showing...and it sucks. That is all I can say about that!

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