Friday, April 09, 2010

I'm not sure it's their shade

I think I mentioned..yes, I'm sure I did...over Spring Break we went to Hattiesburg to visit Pops and LeeLee. It's always a fun time in H'burg!

Nora and Elyn LOVE going to Pops and LeeLees house for several reasons...they have a pool in their backyard, a baby grand piano that they bang on constantly, chocolate candy EVERYWHERE and a whole golf course in their backyard to run all over.

But their FAVORITE thing about Pops and LeeLee's house is the master bathroom. LeeLee has a bathtub that would rival most hot tubs. They always get to take baths in it and love to turn on the jets. This past visit they developed a love for the hand sprayer.

LeeLee's closet is enormous and filled with all sorts of dress up clothes...well, they are actually REAL clothes but Nora and Elyn see them as dress-up play things.

LeeLee is so sweet to let the girls go to the bathroom with her while she is getting ready. They like to watch her do her hair and put on her makeup. It's like Sephora in there.

LeeLee usually lets the girls play with her things too. Since I'm not back there with them I don't know how it all goes down. I don't know if N and E beg to use the makeup or if LeeLee says, "Hey girls, want to play?". Regardless of the conversations that take place, this is what the girls typically look like upon exiting the bathroom:

Elyn is SHOCKED with how beautiful she is...ha!
It's hard to tell in this picture, but no, she does not have a bloody nose, that is just how she applies lipstick.
Nora's glamour shot...
"Elyn, you have something on your face. Nope, you missed it."
It doesn't matter what anyone told them, they felt gorgeous!

Thanks for the makeup tips LeeLee!

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