Thursday, April 08, 2010

little gym

Every Thursday we have "Mommy and Me" with a group of other mommies from our church. It's a wonderful day for me and Elyn (because Nora is in school on Thursdays). I really do look forward to Thursdays and my time alone with Elyn.

She is becoming quite the little challenge (understatement of the day) and I constantly feel as if I am re-directing, disciplining, encouraging other behaviors from her. It's exhausting.

But, on Thursdays, it's just us. Me and Her. And while I still have to do quite a bit of disciplining/re-directing on our days together, it doesn't seem as tiring as the other 6 days.

I think Elyn enjoys Thursdays too. After we drop off Nora at school Elyn will often say to me, "Mommy, we are going to hang out together today."

Last Thursday was a super fun Mommy and Me day! The director of Little Gym attends our church and invited our group to Little Gym for an hour of FREE organized play time.

I held off telling Elyn about our plans until after Nora had been dropped off...good move, I think.

After I told Elyn about Little Gym it was all I heard about for the next few hours...except I was hearing about "Widdle Gym".

When we got there, she immediately took off her shoes and grabbed a seat right in front of Mrs. Stephanie (the owner).

She is so excited!!!!!!!

One of the first activities were the maracas. She didn't quit smiling the entire time.

After a few more seated activities, they hopped up to walk around the big red mat.

Mrs. Stephanie tried to teach them how a donkey jumps.
Here is a video of Mrs. Stephanie helping Elyn out.
After learning how to jump like a donkey, they had to stretch our their legs. Elyn insisted on sitting directly beside Mrs. Stephanie.
After all that stretching they did a little bit more jumping.
Then Mrs. Stephanie pulled out the parachute!
All the kids inside the was not the most "fresh" smell inside that thing...ha!

Elyn absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Little Gym! I was so happy to see her so happy. She felt so big and did everything that Mrs. Stephanie told her to do. I was proud of her!


Whitney said...

We've been going to the little gym for over a year now, and Austin LOVES it. I like it too, although I'll admit it's a bit pricey! We're taking a break from it this summer to do swimming lessons instead. Not sure if we'll go back this fall or to gymnastics! Glad the 2 of you had fun!!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

She is beautiful. I love the video. I can't believe how big she is gettting. Tall and skinny. I love you and what a perfect start to my day.

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