Monday, April 12, 2010


I called my sister-in-law one day, just to shoot the breeze, I'm sure. She was kind of whispering when she answered the phone. I thought, "Is she hanging out in Noah's room while he is asleep? That's weird." Turns out she was simply having a hard time breathing because she had been working out.

She told me that UVerse has a free workout channel! Well, awesome.

That was about a week ago we had that discussion.

Tonight I flipped through the channels and found Jillian Michael's 30Day Shred. Since it is free, it only offers phase one.

Phase one kicked my butt.

Jillian promises that I will be "shredded" if I keep it up. I can only keep it up until May 3 though...that's when it quits being free.

So, if you see me tomorrow and think I look more toned...well, you're correct, except it is called "shredded".


Holly Aytes said...

That is one of my favorite workouts to lose weight quickly! It seriously kicks my butt. I did it last summer and lost 15 lbs in 30 days. I am bad about keeping going with it though so need to pull it out and do it again to lose the "winter weight" that I always put on :) You will definitely be toned by May 3. BTW, sometimes you can find those dvd's online and you can download them for free and then just burn it to a dvd and then you will have it all the time. I have the dvd and have burned a few copies for friends so that is another option...have your sis burn you a copy!

~aj~ said...

It was nearly the death of me! Good luck!

Ashley said...

You are hilarious.

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