Tuesday, May 18, 2010

being American

the girls and i went and voted in the primary election today. i LOVE to vote! i love so many things about it:
-i love that we get little stickers that say "I Voted" to wear
-i love that ALL of the people running the election are over 60
-i love the electronic voting system
-i love that i have to sign my name in order to vote...and i get to see everyone elses signatures too
-i love that i GET to vote

it does make me sad that so many people DON'T vote. the girls and i pulled up to the polling place at noon. i was a little nervous driving there that we would have to wait in a long line.

nope. we walked right in. in and out in 5 minutes.

i'm not very "political". honestly, i didn't know most of the names on the ballot. but voting...well, it's something so many take for granted. voting is an honor that so many fought so hard for so long ago.

so, if you didn't go out and vote today, i encourage you to vote next time your poll place is open.

lee greenwood says it best...i'm proud to be an american!

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Nicola said...

I've had that song in my head since I first read this post. Uh, thanks. At least Canadian and American have the same number of syllables... !!

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