Thursday, May 13, 2010

elyn elyn bo bellen

Oh Elyn Ann are so funny and keep us on our toes, constantly!

Today we went to drop Nora off at school and her teacher told us to stick around because they were going to have a "Rodeo Parade". We sat in the miniature chairs and waited for the parade of cowboys and were so excited.

Except when the parade was over, you cried and threw a mini fit and said, "I want to stay with my sister!" While the sentence that you said was sweet, the fit that you threw (while arching your body and screaming) was not so sweet.
A few nights ago Ellie and Warren came over to play while Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Danielle went to a meeting. You loved playing with Warren, especially pushing him around in your baby stroller. You both laughed so hard the whole time!
A few weeks ago, we went to eat with some friends..out to eat. You were allowed to dress yourself (Nora was NEVER allowed to do this at your age!) and this is what you picked...
Elyn, you tire me out every single day...EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. When we put you in your room for time-out, you sometimes throw things at the door because you are so mad at us. When you do that you definitely get a spanking...but those don't seem to stop you. Spankings do NOTHING to deter your actions. You are strong willed with a capital S. And it is tiring. I'm looking forward to the day all this disciplining and re-directing pays off.
You are also so funny and you make us laugh so hard. Last night, after a hard day, you redeemed yourself by putting your baby on the floor and rolling a ball back and forth between the two of you. It was sweet.

I love our Thursdays, the day we "hang out". Next Thursday is the last one...I'll plan something special, just for us.

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