Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hardest job EVER

I got Dr. Dobson's newest book yesterday, "Bringing Up Girls".

I heard him talking about it in the fall and how it would be in the stores in April.

I was like, "FINALLY!". Thank you, it's about time.

His book, "Bringing Up Boys" has been a best seller for several years. But, in my house, the only "boy" has already been brought up (and very nicely too...thank you people who shaped his life).

Soooooooo, when I was at Sam's I saw this book, like a beacon, shining out at me.

I grabbed it up and couldn't wait to get home and read it.

I hopped in bed and flipped it open to take in the wisdom.

After two pages I put it down.

Because it was scary. The content of the book is scary.

To be a little girl in today's society AND to be a parent in today's society is frightening.


I think I might be ready to dive into page three though. I want to bring up my girls in the best possible way.

I want them to grow to be Godly women.

I want them to love themselves and see themselves as precious.

I want them to NEVER settle for anyone or anything.

I want them to learn how to say NO at an early age (especially to hormonal teenage boys).

I want them to have a beautiful relationship with me and Matthew.

I want US to understand them better and get to know their hearts and minds.

I want so much for our girls and for our relationship with them.

So, whether page 3 or page 33 is difficult to read and scary to take in, I will do it.

I know this book will help us in parenting but above all, I know God will guide us and carry us through this journey of bringing up our girls.


Holly Aytes said...

Thanks for posting that Dallas. I didn't know that book was out. I have Bringing Up Boys and always hoped there would be one for girls too. I will be stopping by our local Sam's to pick up a copy!

Jenn said...

Girl!! I'm so with you...I could totally copy and paste your blog exactly on to my blog. Thanks for the heads up about the book! I'm going to go and find me a copy this week and dive in, scary or not!
Thanks, Dallas!!

Rachel said...

I did not this was out - I will be picking up IMMEDIATELY!!!! I cannot agree with you more on this blog!!!!

Nicola said...

I heard this book was out and haven't been able to find it on the shelves anywhere. I'll keep looking though, because I agree with every point you made in your blog. Our little girls are so precious... I pray every night for God's blessing on their lives. Have you read the Power of a Praying Mom? I read that when Maggie was a newborn. I could use a re-read, but I know that despite whatever society throws at our girls, I am in control of what I pray, and can trust God to do the rest. Please share your future impressions of the book as you get through it.

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