Thursday, May 20, 2010

Next year, I'll be a basketcase

The girls 2009-2010 school year is over...sigh.

Next year, when Nora graduates from pre-school, I might need some physical support to hold me me up from all the crying that I will be doing.

The year has FLOWN by and the girls have loved every single second. I am so thankful for their teachers and for the little school they have attended.

Here are the girls last August (I had to take these pictures from my blog post that I did last August because, remember, I lost all of my 2009 pictures...I'm sick again just thinking about it.):

Nora looks the same to me, but Elyn, well, she looks like a 3rd grader now compared to what she looked like in August. She has gotten so much more the past 9 months. (and that's what I meant to much much more of everything!)

Here she is Monday, on her last day of school...she loved school!

Elyn and Ms. Julie and Ms. Lee:

Here is Nora, today, on her last day. It was "water" day at the pre school and she got to wear a swimsuit and a cover-up.
Nora and Ms. Michelle:
Nora and Ms. Beth:

Nora has learned so much this year! She knows all of her letters and nearly all of the sounds (I should assess her on that tonight). She can count pretty high but messes up on a few. She is coloring machine and is really starting to draw some rather detailed pictures. She has learned important life lessons like, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit"...that's my favorite.

I am excited about our summer together and dread next year...Nora's last year before kindergarten.


Karie said...

Last year when Jude graduated it took all I had in me not to cry! (so I let loose and cried) He was sooooo cute in the little cap and gown they had the kids in!! Krimson will get her chance next year and I can't wait to see her cute freckle face smiling under the graduation cap!! So sweet and cute...I say let's let it flow! It will only happen once (for each kid) and it's okay to feel it!! Memories....:)

Holly Aytes said...

I will be crying next year too! Today was Madison's last day but since we are sending her to pre-K we get one more year at our wonderful preschool! I am so happy about that :) It is bad enough having one finishing 4th grade and 1st grade w/o throwing one leaving preschool. Glad your girls love preschool (as a preschool teacher I can attest to how nice it is to have kids who love to be there)!

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