Thursday, May 06, 2010

so my kids know i take pictures

I have been busy with a capital "B" lately. My blog has taken a backseat...however, after tonight, that should all change. I am footloose and fancy free until the end of July.

I transferred the pictures off of my phone this afternoon and wanted to share.

The girls got some new shoes a few weeks ago...

The same day I took the picture of the shoes, I also took this picture...Elyn was reading a book to her baby. I love it when she does that!

A rarity happened a few weeks ago. Matthew was home for some reason, earlier than usual. It was a ballet day. I got to take Nora to ballet all by myself, no 2-year-old sidekick. We don't get to spend much "Mommy and Nora" time together. (Elyn and I get a LOT of "Mommy and Elyn" time though....crazy how that works.) After ballet, we decided to continue our date and walked over to a cupcake shop that has just opened and had a treat.
Old picture...the day we went to the zoo with my college friends.
About two weeks ago, the girls and I went to an open gym at a local gymnastics place...they loved it!
When my was here a few weeks ago, she took Nora to Target for a few summer items...of all the things she got, this new nightgown was her favorite.
The girls both got a haircut recently...Elyn had 1" taken off.
Nora had 3" taken off! She looks so much older to me now!
On another day that Nora had ballet, we had a few minutes to kill before class started so the girls spent some time getting soaking wet in the fountain. They loved it!
Last weekend, Matthew was working on a project. He needed some peace and quiet, so the girls and I packed up to visit his mom and stepdad for a only picture of the whole weekend. Pitiful.
Yesterday were dance pictures for Nora's ballet class. Nora's teacher was sweet and ordered Elyn a dress too so that Elyn could feel "a part" of everything. The only thing, when all the girls got together for the group picture guess who through the biggest fit and had to be carried out of the studio? It rhymes with "melon". She just wanted to do what all of the other ballerinas were doing.
Since I have been ultra busy recently, I have not gone to the grocery store. I'm awful. Anyway, this morning, before we dropped Nora off at MDO, we stopped by the donut store for a nutritional breakfast...I think it's better than cereal!
Elyn and I met up our friends, Jasmine and Sydney, this morning for a music/motion class. Elyn loved it! Here is picture of Elyn and Sydney shakin' their stuff...

So, there you have it, you're caught up. Have a wonderful Thursday!

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