Friday, June 25, 2010

Camp, part two (part one will come later)

yeah, yeah. this is part two.

I was uploading all of my pictures and the first part erased. Sigh.

So, I'm going to go backwards and possibly tomorrow I will share part one.

At camp the best thing to do, especially when it is blazing hot, is to swim. Like all good church camps, there is boys swim time and girls swim time. Old fashioned? Who cares! It's what happens at Camp Tahkodah!

Matthew is so excited about swim time that he is making a crazy face...ha ha ha ha! And, by the way, this is boys swim time. We figured since our 4 year old and 2 year old hadn't reached puberty, it was okay for them to join their daddy. (And, yes, I took pictures. But as the head lifeguard told me..."Mom's don't count." Thanks HLG, thanks for making me feel like I am 65 years old. Awesome.)

Here we are, walking across the bridge for Nora to jump. (And, currently, this is me swallowing my pride and posting a pic of my backside...ugh!)
She insisted that before she jumped we had to count to ten. Twice.
Uncle Brian and Noah.
Matthew and Nora. Where is Elyn?
We celebrated Father's Day at camp. I'm the most awesome wife of the year in case you didn't know. At the very end of the church service at camp the director mentioned that it was Father's Day. I gasped and looked at Matthew and said very quickly, "Happy Father's Day honey!". We had only been awake for TWO HOURS at that point and I had not recognized the day. Yep, I'm amazing. Thankfully he said he didn't remember until that minute either.
I did remember to bring his gifts to camp though. So, brownie points for that, right?
His gifts, hand picked by Nora: Diet Coke and shaving cream. Nora knew for 3 weeks that she wanted to get him those two gifts. And, she picked out the Obama card. Because it played music.
I hope Nora and Elyn realize how lucky they are to have Matthew as their daddy. They are so blessed! He loves them so much and would do absolutely anything for them. He is the best attendant at a tea party and knows each and every princess that has been created by Disney. He understands the importance of pink in the life of a girl and that a girl has to have her accessories to make an outfit complete. On the other hand, he chases them around the house, wrestles on the floor, teaches them to bounce a basketball and ride a bike, plays "tag here it" with them and takes the girls to football/basketball games.

I love to watch their relationship, it is how I know that God loves me. He is gentle with me, loves me unconditionally, teaches me lessons through love and discipline. Matthew is this to our girls. I am thankful, every single day, that I am able to witness Matthew father our girls. He is an example to me and definitely the better half.

Stay tuned for day number one...


陳淳 said...


Deborah said...

While we were at the Pepperdine Lectureship, Pat and I were sitting in a class together. After the class was over, I said, "Oh, I was going to say something, but lost my train of thought."

Pat said, "Were you going to tell me 'Happy Birthday'?"

Um, no. I am sure it was going to be something much more shallow and less meaningful than that. Oops.

So, I officially beat you out for wife of the year. You get second place because you actually remembered to bring gifts to camp.

Holly Aytes said...

I just hate it when I am blogging, mess up and have to start over! Glad y'all had a good time. Too funny that mom's don't count :)

Sandi said...

So jealous of your time at camp -- I sure miss that place.

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