Saturday, June 26, 2010

house update

I'm sure your all checking this blog EVERY SINGLE DAY to find about how things are moving along with our homes.

Well, good.

We are supposed to close on our current home July 15. Circumstances working out the way they are, we are actually renting it from the new owners for about a month and a half (have I mentioned that before? I can remember absolutely nothing.)

It obviously has not sunk into my head that we are moving because I have done ZERO in the way of packing. ZERO. NADA. ZILCH.

I have not been collecting boxes, I have not looked around to see what we may or may not need at the new house, I have cleaned it each week as if we are living there for another 20 years.

And people, this is not like me. I like to be on the ball about things like this.

(By the way, if you live in NWA and have a million empty boxes to unload on someone, I'm your girl.)

You see, I would like to get the majority of the packing done in July (the coolest month of the year, right?) because in August every waking minute will be spent at the "project" making it livable. Matthew and I have been brainstorming since we received a contract about what we need, what we want, and how much money we have to spend. (Answers: a lot, a lot, not much)

The inspector came at the beginning of the week to do his job...inspect. He walked through the "project" (my little pet name for our new house) and deemed it worthy of living in and fixing up. YEA!!!!!!!! Other than the obvious (needs flooring, molding, kitchen, etc), there were very few MAJOR things to be done.

So, that's where we are. Half in denial and half in reality.

It's a weird place to be. (And don't forget, ACCEPTING ALL BOXES!)


Kathryn said...

Packing and moving are among my least favorite things to do. We moved in March and I STILL have about 8 boxes sitting fully packed in the basement. Honestly, I'm thinking about just pitching them since I obviously don't need what's inside. Anyway, we found a lot of good (free!) boxes on Craig's List, and we got rid of the ones we used that same way. Good luck to you!

Karie said...

If you want to come to West Monroe, LA I still have some boxes you can have!! :)....or if you're still desperate at the end of July when I'm comig your way I break a few down and haul them!!

~aj~ said...

Craigslist! Wish I would have thought of that! Instead we went begging everywhere and I even went dumpster diving a time or two, I'm afraid to admit.

One of the BEST places to get boxes are liquor stores. Lots of their boxes have dividers in them, which are PERFECT for all your glassware!

Good luck with all of that. There will be no more moving here until the boys are old enough to do it for us!

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