Sunday, June 13, 2010

tiny little dancer

Nora had her first ballet recital last night! We got off to a rough start though.

I actually had to wake her from her nap to go to the rehearsal...never a good thing to have to wake her up.

She cried the entire way and told me she did not want to dance. This picture pretty much sums up how she felt about being at her rehearsal/recital...

Look at how sweet all those girls are-
These pictures are actually from the rehearsal...I haven't gone through the recital ones yet.
Looking around, probably thinking, "What is the quickest way to get off of the stage?"
Some of the other ballerinas started to think the same thing.
First one to pop her head up.
Yes, that is a little smile I see....she might just be having fun!
What a pretty little ballerina!

We were all so proud of her during the actual recital! She did the best she has done all year and when it was over, she said she wanted to do it again.

What????? We'll see.

I did take a video, but it is on my mom's camera (she came through when our video camera unexpectedly quit working minutes before Nora came on stage) and I will try and retrieve it ASAP.

Nora, I am so proud of you and how your performed last night. You have not been the biggest ballet fan this year and some weeks HATED every second of practice. But you came through last night like a star! You were so pretty up there and smiled so big. You made my heart so full of love and I wanted to run up on stage, sweep you up in my arms and give you an enormous hug. I don't care what you choose to do in your extra-curricular life, I just hope you always feel as proud of yourself as you did after your recital.

Funny side note...while we were waiting for rehearsal to be over we were watching the other dancers rehearse. We sat next to another little girl and her mom. We heard the mom call the little girl "Nora". I whispered to my Nora, "Hey, that little girls name is Nora too! How neat!" She looked at me, serious as could be, and said, "Please don't say ANYTHING mom! Don't say anything to her!" I laughed so hard! She was embarrassed of me already and didn't want me to call attention to her. I obliged her and kept quiet. Silly girl!


Keisha said...

So cute! Violet starts her first ballet (and tap) class this week.

Deborah said...

Yea, Nora!! I know you are so proud...and shocked!

Danielle Balentine said...

How funny. . . . Glad to see she pulled through and enjoyed it. Loved the last part of your story. That's hilarious. We embarrass them already. But good of you to oblige and not embarrass her further. :) Your a good mom.

Brittney said...

Another comparison of our girls...Jillian did the same thing a Elyn at her rehearsal...only Jillian did it at the recital. She was amazing at her dance all year and then totally did nothing at the actual recital...sigh. And as far as Elyn and Jules go. I am with you...I always say that Jules is crazy and mean sometimes. I mean, what happened to that sweet smiling baby? I just have a really irratable 2 year old!!! It is just a phase, right???

Brittney said...

sorry...I meant Nora at the recital

Anonymous said...

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