Monday, August 16, 2010

Another artist

As parents, don’t you just love when you are present for a “first”?

I LOVE it when I watch my girls do something for the first time and I love it even more when Matthew gets to be witness as well…

  • Matthew and I both watched Nora crawl/walk the first time
  • We both saw Elyn do both, and saw her first time to pull up
  • We have both been there when Nora first rode a bike (and skated for the first time, which was a disaster!)
  • More recently, we were both there the first time Elyn used the potty and didn’t cry when she was tossed in the air and went under the water at the swimming pool.
  • And more….(someone is lazy tonight)

Well, today, we got to both be there for another “first”:

Elyn and I went up to Matthew’s school during lunchtime.  After eating Elyn decided to doodle on Matthew’s whiteboard.  Matthew and I were talking when I heard Elyn saying, “Here are the pants, here is the shirt…”

I looked over at her and grabbed my phone to take a picture of the first time she was drawing a picture of a PERSON!


She’s so proud!!!!!!!

IMG_0496 Let’s take a closer look at that “person”:

IMG_0496-b Do you see it?  A body, pants (legs), a head.  I prompted arms and two eyes and a mouth.

She’s a genius.

After I went insane over her picture, she proceeded to draw several more.  This time she drew babies and wanted me to put pacis in all of the mouths of the babies…ha ha!  No pictures, sorry.

I remember Nora’s first drawing of a person.  Thankfully, Matthew and I were both at home for that one too.

What is surprising to me is that Elyn is a little bit younger than Nora was when she drew her picture.  I think the main reason that Elyn is a few months “ahead of schedule” is because she has a big sister who is constantly drawing pictures of people.  What a great big sister!

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